Pic of Liz Brunette and raised hands

Councillor Elizabeth Brunette

WHAT: A townhall-style public meeting about Wynberg issues

WHEN: July 2018 (date to be confirmed)

SPEAKER: Cllr Liz Brunette

VENUE: Church on Main, 3 Millbank Road

TOPICS: Brunette has suggested a Q&A format to the evening, but requested that the main topics be sent to her beforehand so she can bring along a City expert if needed. The WRRA suggests the following topics – please add your own below or on our Facebook page:

  • The most effective way to engage with the councillor
  • Traffic and taxis
  • Development
  • Problem areas in Wynberg
  • Crime and the role of law enforcement

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF TOPICS: 5 pm, Thursday 14 June 2018





    • Hi Rob. As far as we know, the City has not considered any alternatives to the Brodie Road couplet. At one of the public information sessions, an official confirmed that without the Brodie Road couplet, the proposed new South Road wouldn’t make sense. I don’t believe that they should have included the couplet, as it is not proclaimed or zoned for transport and needs to go through a land-use process. More importantly, there has been no meaningful public participation. Hope this answers your question.

  1. A white Bakkie with 3 guys has pulled under a tree in Broad rd Wynberg Just outside Cape College this morning. They are still busy doing maintenance to the vehicle. They are dumping the oil in the grass. Surely this is not ok to use this public space as a workshop. I have finally gotten through to the Wynberg police station. The officer was not helpful. It appears that he cannot comprehend the concerns re safety and misusing public space. Is anyone able to assist? I am a emale with a small child and am concerned about approaching them.

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