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Why I want to spoil my vote

On the eve of the municipal elections, Darron Araujo is appalled that no single political party has yet bothered to ask the residents of Wynberg what they want.

1 August 2016

I’M NOT VOTING for any party having trawled the net looking (often in vain) for party manifestoes – but more than this, it is simply appalling that not a single candidate has bothered to meet with our community to hear us and to ask what our concerns actually are – other than thinking our primary concern is putting them forward for a job salaried at R400K-R800K a year.

Don’t forget that the country was in an uproar when Jacob Zuma said, effectively, that he was ANC before he was president of the republic – but Patricia de Lille stated at the public meeting at Alphen only some weeks back that each and every DA public official and representative, including ward councillors, is DA before representing anyone else: and the DA manifesto states as much too.

And where is the uproar? Where are all those disgusted letter writers from Camps Bay to Randburg? What is more unconstitutional – one man speaking for himself, or a mayor and senior party member speaking for every other party member in public office? It’s revolting and nobody cares.

I’m not interested in the ACDP because they wanted to criminalise homosexuality and reverse access to abortion some while ago, plus I am for a  secular state; the FF-Plus is too fascist for me; the Cape Party is uninformed because we cannot break away from the rest of the country, we simply have too little industry to significantly cope on our own in the ‘old’ Cape Colony with its whimsical borders and the national economy is far too interconnected and complex; the DA and COPE are simply interested in money and power (COPE routinely allies with the DA in any event) – bearing in mind that the DA is a truly reactionary party without an original idea, i.e. it operates in relation to the ANC as opposed to defining a clear course of its own, but then those are its roots considering that Zach de Beer’s DP operated in relation to the NP without defining its own clear course either; the PAC is unfortunately too hamstrung by infighting – I think you would be surprised by how much of Sobukwe’s principles you might actually agree with and adhere to though they seemed so radical way back when.

I am not interested in the Muslim parties because I’m for a secular state; the Independent Civics seemed an option – but their literature is rather dire, hyperbolic and focused purely on the so-called Coloured population, which I understand but find limiting, and in lieu of a constitution, their website has a photo of their current party president (on the constitution page) – which doesn’t bode well.

The ANC candidate for our ward is, in my opinion, weak and apathetic – having originally defected to COPE before returning to the ANC, and more than this – hasn’t held a public meeting here. If Colin Arendse stood in this ward, I would have voted for him – or for Alan Maher, who, with hindsight, I wish I had thought of persuading to have stood here in Wynberg as opposed to Kenilworth: even Constantia would have voted for him – an advocate, articulate and independent. Perhaps in the next election he might stand here having had some grounding now – and we could easily raise support for him in the area.

The only other option is the EFF – but again, I find it problematic that no-one has actually bothered to come here and meet with us of their own volition.

Increasingly I’m starting to think political parties should be banned/dismantled, the constitution simply upheld via the courts and public service i.e. the police, and a group of public servants held legally accountable should simply oversee upkeep/maintenance and increase of infrastructure. Why do we actually have these politicians in the first place? It’s a hangover from the last two hundred years’ concept of democracy – but it doesn’t work anymore, it’s just no longer valid.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch .  . . the litigation disease

Sue you here, sue you there . . .  Chris Willemse rants about the DA criticising the ANC for wasting the court’s time (and taxpayers’ money), while the pot is happily calling the kettle black.

12 June 2016

Please read the IOL article at the bottom first.

Isn’t this the most pathetic and hypocritical situation.

Is the DA’s head so firmly stuck up its own political arse that it fails to see that the De Lille regime is a mirror embodiment of this abuse of power?

De Lille was warned not to litigate in the Strong bungalow matter, in Bakoven, by her own legal department and an expensive KPMG forensic report paid for by the ratepayers of Cape Town. But power fuelled arrogance prevailed and millions of rand of public funds were squandered on wasteful and fruitless expenditure, which resulted in the City abandoning the case (and submitting to a costs order – again at ratepayers expense) once the obvious dawned upon her and her inner cabal.

The residents of South Road, Wynberg had a similar experience – but worse. The High Court ruled against the City bulldozing “public participation” tactics, so it appealed the decision to the full bench, clearly to find a few “boxes” that the Court might want “ticked”. The Court rightly sent the City packing a second time, with the admonition to respect constitutional requirements, not simply pay lip service to its civil and legal obligations. Still not enough? Let’s put the good people of Wynberg to the financial test of a Supreme Court of Appeal application?

Alarmingly, there is a growing list of such abuses of power from the Mayoral office. All of this attests to a regime that intends to frighten off dissent (and thereby avoid the annoying need for good governance and accountability) with the threat of astronomical legal costs, conveniently all paid for by the citizens of Cape Town.

The land grabs by the City of the Philippi Horticultural Area and Maidens Cove – to enrich DA sponsors – speak to much the same thing.

Sorry, Glynnis (and all the DA sycophants), it is increasingly difficult to tell the difference between the mayor of Cape Town and the President of this country, under whose governance we, the everyday citizens of this potentially great country, are routinely sacrificed on the alter of political  expedience and opportunity – be it for family and friends or corrupt developers who fund party coffers. It actually all amounts to the same thing!

And yes, Glynnis, “the ministers and directors-general should be held liable and be made to pay personally for these exercises in wasting valuable financial resources” – but then so too should the mayor of Cape Town and her cronies on the mayoral committee.

Ald. JP Smith correctly advises the law-abiding residents of gang-infested communities not to resort to criminality to resolve their problems – but rather work with law enforcement agencies. He, too, appears to be blind to the fact that his party, in its stated cause of fighting ANC criminality, has resorted to white-collar criminal tactics to fund itself and enrich its friends. When one falls back on the “end justifies the means” methodology, you embark upon a very slippery slope indeed.

 IOL report: DA calls for probe into state funded litigation

By Emsie Ferreira

Cape Town – The Democratic Alliance on Friday called for Parliament to scrutinise state spending on litigation after the Public Service Commission found that government lost the majority of cases it tackled in court.

“The DA will request that the damning reports released by the Public Service Commission (PSC) be tabled in Parliament in terms of section 209(2) of the Constitution so that we may interrogate what appears to be serious abuses of court processes and public funds for frivolous litigation,” said DA justice spokeswoman Glynnis Breytenbach.

This, after the PSC noted in reports on the offices of the state attorneys and the state law adviser, that not only had government lost an estimated seven out of every 10 cases, but that judges had leveled damning criticism at state representatives in court recently.

It said the fact that in one day in 2014, the office of the state attorney was criticised by two judges for professional neglect, called for intervention by the department of justice.

The report reveals that government law advisors found themselves under duress from ministers and top departmental officials to fight against their better judgment, resulting in embarrassment and “massive” financial loss.

The report furthermore contained allegations that corrupt state attorneys were taking kickbacks to brief certain advocates for cases.

Breytenbach said it was ironic that the reports should emerge in the same week that President Jacob Zuma and the National Prosecuting Authority were seeking leave to appeal the North Gauteng High Court judgment which in April ruled that he should face 783 criminal charges because the decision to withdraw them had been irrational.

“It is easy for the State to pursue litigation using other peoples’ money. It is our contention that the ministers and directors-general should be held liable and be made to pay personally for these exercises in wasting valuable financial resources.

“This sort of frivolous litigation is something that we have seen play out in our courts time and time again. Most notably is the President’s defence of the Nkandla matter which ended in concession on the steps of the Constitutional Court with a massive team of five advocates for the president alone.

“At present, the President himself is culpable of this and is today arguing before the North Gauteng High Court seeking leave to appeal the 783 charges levelled against him.”

Parliament had a duty to ensure that the reports were heeded and public money better spent on services for the poor, she added.

26 July 2015

A tale of two Wynberg puppies

Dagsê liewe mense!


My mom grew up on the other side of the mountain in Oranjezicht, so when she returned to Cape Town a couple of years ago she desperately wanted to find a part of town where a) there is no Southeaster and b) the soil is rich and fertile.

So we settled here in Wynberg.

But what my mom forgot was that yes, the Southeaster hardly blows here, but the Northwester DOES. And yes, the soil is rich and fertile, but that is because we get MORE RAIN this side!

But Bokkie and I don’t mind the Cape of Storms at all! With all the recent rain, we really enjoyed frolicking in the mud pit previously known as my mom’s lawn!


Harley Davidson van Zyl

PS I now have my own blog! If you are a puppy looking for creative ideas to give your humans a hard time, visit me at ataleof2puppies.com!

Dogs playing in the mud  Modder3

14 February 2015


Joan van Zyl writes:
I campaigned against developing 27 Orient Road, not because of the increase in traffic and dangers to the crossing, but because of my total loss of privacy.  Building of the three units have been going on for a while. Here is the view from my patio/entertainment area. That huge opening in the wall is a bedroom window. Take note that the tree half-way covering it loses its leaves in winter. The  lounge is just behind this area. Must we keep curtains closed all day?

View from patio of 36 Silverlea Rd And this is the  view from my son’s bedroom (similar to the view from dining room), with their  bedroom windows looking directly into his. I planted those trees at a cost to me of more than R5 000 and hopefully in two years it will obliterate those windows but until then …


Tame them taxis!

Hayley Hayes-Roberts writes:

Silverlea Road increasingly becoming a TAXI rat run in the mornings & sometimes afternoons. Rd is zoned no-taxi’s with signage yet they accelerate upon entering the road via Bower Hill shooting down like bullets. V dangerous. Almost had a head on collison twice recently as they jump the queue near the top of Bower Rd to enter Silverlea Rd and also dice each other to overtake upon entreing the road as well. I have photographed approx. 20 taxi’s this morning. SPEED BUMPS could calm this problem. This impacts on safety (children, elderly & pets,etc.), property values and increases noise pollution.Becoming a BIG problem. No respect for residents.


Hi Hayley, have a look here.

Joan van Zyl

28 April 2014
Kate Cluer writes:
This morning we heard smashing and banging sounds coming from the street., upon investigating we saw a man smashing up an old television at the back of the field near the garages on Wilson and Tenby roads. Julian called the police, while I watched the man. He had something from the TV set, cables I assume? Julian went to confront him and say he can’t leave rubbish lying around, the man pretended to tidy up by covering the TV with leaves and twigs. The police never pitched!


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