Wynberg! Let’s pull together for high-speed internet

 If 30 percent of Wynberg residents show their support, we could have superfast fibre internet before the end of the year.

Graphic showing how evervyone in the home can be linked up to fibre technology

Pic: Vumatel

The fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) provider Vumatel has obtained permission from the City to use our suburb’s electricity poles for their network, which will mean faster deployment and no trenching of roads or pavement.

BUT . . . before installation can start, they need at least 30 percent of residents to show their support for the network.

So if you are interested in having superfast internet, here is how to show your interest:

  1. Go to vumatel.co.za/coverage.
  2. Enter your address.
  3. Click on “show my interest”.

That’s all you have to do. At 6.25 pm on 22 June 2017, 796 names were still needed to get to the all-important 30 percent.

Which streets will be included?

A fibre network already exists in the far northern and western parts of Wynberg. The area between the blue lines on the map below shows from where the 30 percent support is needed.

A map outlining the parts of Wynberg West and East where Vumatel wants to roll out FTTH.


  • It is more than 10 times faster than conventional broadband, which most homes currently have (ADSL lines).
  • It allows large files to be transferred at lightning speed, which means you can do more on the internet and you can do it faster – such as downloading games and HD movies, working or studying from home, playing online games or strreaming,  etc.
  • Several computers in one household can also be online at the same time without slowing each other down.
  • With faster connections, you can track and control many more aspects of your life online. For instance, eventually you should be able to do smart metering: measuring your water and electricity use and remotely control devices, lights and appliances in your home.
  • Its availability will increase the value of your home.

What will it cost?

You will not pay for the actual  installation of the fibre network by Vumatel.

After the network has been installed, you will have to contact your own internet service provider (eg MWeb) to link your home to the network.

There is a once-off installation fee from the network into your home of R1 710. However, this cost is covered by some providers.

The initial and monthly cost will therefore vary from household to household, depending on your provider. To see what your bill will be, go to https://shop.vumatel.co.za/.

Installing fibre can save you money, as you’ll have one connectivity option, which you can use for all of your internet, voice communication, streaming and entertainment needs.

If you currently only have a landline because of ADSL, you will also be able to save that R199 because it is not needed.

Case study: expected costs

Annie’s service provider is MWeb.  They will cover the full cost of linking her  to the Vumatel fibre network. They will also provide a free router. So linking up to the faster system will cost her nothing.

She currently pays MWeb R899 per month for uncapped ADSL. But they will charge her only R799 per month for uncapped FTTH, as long as she promises to remain their client for two years. In return, she will receive upload speeds of 2 Mbps and download speeds of 20 Mbps.

What’s more, she will not need her landline anymore because she has discarded her ADSL and is making all her telephone calls via WhatsApp and Messenger. So that’s another monthly saving of R199.

All in all, a good deal: a saving of almost R300 per month while enjoying faster and more efficient internet.

Why Vumatel?

Several Wynberg residents have been communicating and meeting with FTTH providers over the past year and Vumatel has been the most proactive in responding to our enquiries. Also, if the target of 30 percent can be reached in time, Vumatel is in a position to provide FTTH before other providers.

Please note that no member of the WRRA nor any of the other organisations or residents involved in facilitating the process, will receive any personal benefit should Vumatel eventually provide the network. We are acting on behalf of the Wynberg community, which has been clamouring for FTTH on our social media platforms.


Show your interest: vumatel.co.za/coverage.

Calculate the financial implications for your household: https://shop.vumatel.co.za/





Wynberg Canal: fencing to start soon

Contractors erecting the fence around the Wynberg Canal should be on site before the end of May. The fencing is expected to be finished this month or at the latest in June.

The canal area to be fenced off is the section between Piers and Vriedenhof Road.

What happens when the canal is open for trespassing. Burglaries are also launched from the canal. Picture: Julian Emdon

Read more: Good news: part of troublesome canal to be fenced off

“Parkland mesh” fencing is being manufactured by fencing company ClearVu, Cllr Liz Brunette said at the Ward 62 Committee meeting on 8 May. It is the same kind of fencing used in City parks and is difficult to climb over.

picture of parkland mesh fenching

Parkland mesh fencing. Picture: cochranesteel.com

MyCiTi route: Consultants to come on board

Consultants will be appointed this week to study and provide advice to the City about the MyCiTi route through Ottery, Plumstead and Wynberg.

This was revealed by Cllr Liz Brunette at the Ward 62 Committee meeting on Monday 8 May.

While Wynberg and Plumstead residents have always been in favour of MyCiTi coming to our neck of the woods, there have been serious disputes about the best possible route the bus should take. This is because Wynberg residents are concerned about the impact on heritage houses and the fabric of the suburb, and some Plumstead residents are concerned about the proposed knocking down of several council houses (and eviction of tenants who have lived there for decades) and the building of a new four-lane road.

According to Brunette, the consulting company will review all possible routes between Strandfontein Road and Wynberg station, and will also pay attention to the comments received from residents during the public participation process.

It is anticipated that the review process will take two months to complete.

The WRRA welcomes the appointment of consultants as we believe an objective evaluation of the impact of the different routes is long overdue.

The WRRA  has studied the results of the public participation process and found that by far the majority of Wynberg residents were against the route currently proposed by the City and preferred the alternative route proposed by the WRRA, while the commuters at whom the service is aimed (residents of Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha) are not interested in the details of the route as long as it gets them to Wynberg.

Watch this space for a detailed analysis of the public participation results.


Meeting: Water crisis


You are cordially invited to attend a public meeting about Cape Town’s water crisis.

Speaker:              Councillor Xanthea Limberg
Mayco Member for Water, Sanitation, Energy & Informal Settlements

Venue:                 Alphen Hall
Alphen Centre, Constantia Main Road, Constantia

Map of where to find Alphen Centre

Date:                     10 May 2017
:                     6:30pm for 7:00pm

Hosted by:          Cllr Liz Brunette


RSVP:                    Subcouncil.20@capetown.gov.za

Event: Have your say about the City budget

The City is about to hold a series of meetings to explain its new draft budget and receive comments from residents.

Cartoon of note being stretchedAs part of the City of Cape Town’s budget 2017/18 public participation process, it will hold public meetings where its draft 2017/18 budget and its corporate scorecard (which sets key performance indicators and targets and forms part of the draft IDP document), will be presented in a simplified manner to ensure that communities are aware of developments within their areas and are given the opportunity to give input

Date 11 April 2017

Venue Alphen Hall, Constantia

Time  19:00-21:00

Good news: Part of troublesome canal to be fenced off

Rubbish left by people in the canal

Good news story 1: Funding has been approved by the City to fence off the Wynberg Canal between Piers and Vriedenhof Road!

Good news story 2: The project will be completed by the end of June 2017!

At the January meeting of Subcouncil 20 (of which our Ward 62 forms part) Cllr Liz Brunette submitted a motion for funding of the canal. Funding was approved a few weeks later by the City’s new Transport and Urban Development Authority (TDA). Funding will come from the TDA’s Assets and Infrastructure Department.

This is excellent news for residents in the area, who have been complaining for years that burglaries in the area are often launched from the Canal.

Read more: Canal update: New plan for funding


On leash or not – have your say about new dog-walking bylaws

If you’re a member of our Facebook group, you’ll know by now that the City has caused quite a stir in our neck of the woods by suggesting that dogs should be on a leash on the Alphen trail and a few other green-belt areas.

Residents have to make our voice heard about the matter by 31 March (see below how).

Why is a policy needed?

The City’s Public Parks Bylaw is silent on whether dogs should be on leashes or may run free in public open spaces and parks.

Some users of these areas believe that as they have always walked their dogs without a leash they should not be required to use them now.

Other users of the areas feel very strongly that all dogs should be on leashes at all times.

The suggestion on the table

Ward 62 councillor Liz Brunette and officials have come up with a suggestion according to which some public spaces should be on-leash areas for dogs and others areas where dogs can run free. These are the suggestions currently on the table (click here for a clearer picture):

Table of areas suggested to be on- or off-leash

However, these suggestions are not written in stone and a survey is under way in which you can make your voice heard. The results of the survey will assist City Parks and Subcouncil 20  in determining whether . .

  • Dogs should be allowed to run free without a leash on all greenbelts, parks and public open spaces,
  • Dogs should be allowed to run free without a leash on some greenbelts, parks and public open spaces, or
  • Dogs should be on leashes on all greenbelts, parks and public open spaces.

Additional proposals are:

  • A maximum of three dogs per walker
  • Dogs must be under control at all times
  • Dog handlers must pick up faeces and dispose of it at home

The WRRA’s view

We support the notion  that some areas should be on-leash and others off-leash so that residents have a choice of an open space that suits them best. For instance, people with small children or a fear of dogs may prefer walks in on-leash areas while those with dogs may prefer off-leash areas.

The WRRA believes the Alphen trail should be OFF-LEASH as it is extremely dog-friendly due to its size and because it is a bicycle-free area. On the other hand, the Silverhurst and Sillery trails should rather be on-leash, as there is a busy road between them, cyclists are allowed there and the trails are shorter.

It makes sense to us that all parks should be on-leash areas as people picnic there and small children play there.

How to have your say

  • Email your comments to 20@capetown.gov.za
  • Fax your comments to 021 794 7692
  • Deliver your comments by hand to Subcouncil 20, Alphen Centre, Main Road, Constantia for the attention of Stacy Kroukamp.

DEADLINE: 31 March

Maps and the table above can also be seen at the Alphen Centre.

Picture: The Alphen Trail