Wynberg development map

A list of the developments recently completed and in the pipeline for Wynberg, especially around Wellington Avenue.

Map of where developments are

  1. 16 Bay View road
  2. 21 Wellington Avenue
  3. 1 Malton Road
  4. 34 Wellington Anvenue
  5. 10 Wellington Avenue
  6. 4 Vriendenhof Road
  7. Corner of Constantia Main and Bower Road

Development Watch: c/o Bower and Constantia Main Road

Picture of the property on the corner

Address: c/o Bower and Constantia Main Road

Status: There is a notice on the property that it is has applied for rezoning from GR1 (maximum height 10 m) to GR2 (maximum height 15 m). GR2 would allow for a building of three to four storeys high.

WRRA response: The WRRA has not been invited to comment. There some concern about another high block of flats as it is a busy intersection. On the other hand, GR2 zoning would bring the property in line with the zoning of all other properties between Wellington Avenue and Bower Road.

Development Watch: 16 Bayview Road

Bayview single house and apartment block

Address: 16 Bayview Road

Status: Property has been halfway demolished. One of the neighbours is challenging the development in court. The matter is currently on appeal.

WRRA response: The WRRA has objected to the demolition because a four-storey block of flats called Victoria Square is to be erected on the property. It has serious implication for the privacy and lifestyle of surrounding homes, and will put pressure on the traffic and ancient sewerage system.

Development Watch: 4 Vriedenhof Road

Pic of 4 and 6a Vriedenhof

4 Vriedenhof Road, with to its right the two semis one of which has also been bought by Karma

Address: 4 and 6a Vriedenhof Road

Status: Karma Properties has bought 4 Vriedenhof, as well as one of the two semis next-door.

WRRA response: The WRRA has not received any formal invitation to respond yet. We are of the opinion that a four-to-five storey development in the Karma style would be completely inappropriate in this sleepy street that consists of mostly single-storey cottages. It is also one property removed from heritage-rich Mortimer Road, and hardly a block from the Old Village. We are not opposed to developing of the property, but are of the opinion that it should be in keep with the look and feel of the rest of the street and should not exceed two storeys.

Vriedenhof Road streetscape

Vriedenhof Road streetscape

Public Wynberg meeting: Engage with our councillor!

Pic of Liz Brunette and raised hands

Councillor Elizabeth Brunette

Ward 62 councillor Liz Brunette will hold a public meeting with Wynberg residents in July.

The purpose of the townhall-style meeting is to engage with Wynberg residents and the other way round.

The WRRA is delighted at the prospect as we have often requested regular townhall-meetings with Brunette, something that some other councillors successfully run.

Brunette has suggested a Q&A format to the evening, but requested that the main topics be sent to her beforehand so she can bring along a City expert if needed.

The WRRA urges residents to attend the meeting as our Facebook users often complain of lack of access to the councillor. This will be your opportunity!

We suggest the topics below – please add more below or on our Facebook page should you wish to. The deadline for supplying topics is Thursday 14 June at 5 pm.

The final date for the meeting will be announced on our website under the URGENT tab, as well as on our Facebook page. The venue is expected to be Church on Main behind the library.

Suggested topics:

  • The most effective way to engage with the councillor
  • Traffic and taxis
  • Development
  • Problem areas in Wynberg
  • Crime and the role of law enforcement

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Quick notes from the meeting

Development watch: The solution?

Vacant cottages to remain vacant

Bin audit helps to clean up Wynberg

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What are the things we complain about?


Development of Wynberg: The solution?

Collage of proposed and current developments in Wynberg

The best solution for what many regard as the unbridled development of old Wynberg is for the WRRA  to urgently pursue its vision of drawing up a proper local-area structure plan in which it is set out which areas should be preserved and which are more development-friendly.

This was the advice the WRRA received at the Ward 62 Committee meeting on 4 June 2018 in the face of its concern over increasing developments, especially in the Wellington Avenue area just behind the Old Wynberg Village.

Read more: To develop or not to develop

It will be quite a costly affair as a professional urban planner will have to be involved and the WRRA will first have to find some funding.

Councillor Liz Brunette has said she would be happy to be involved in the process and would set up a meeting with a City urban designer to guide the WRRA through the steps.

Observatory, which has had to cope with many of the same problems that Wynberg has, is currently working through a similar process, Brunette said.

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Quick notes from the meeting

Public meeting: engage with our councillor!

Vacant cottages to remain vacant

Bin audit helps to clean up Wynberg

Ward allocations: what we asked for

MyCiTi: postponed again

What are the things we complain about?

Ward Committee meeting: quick notes

Picture of Alphen Centre

The Alphen Centre, where the Ward 62 Committee meets every two months.

These topics were briefly discussed at the Ward 62 Committee Meeting on 4 June 2018.

Hollywood Bets

Athol Swanson from the Wynberg Improvement District reported that Hollywood Bets have tightened up their security and cleaning around the shop has been improved.

Read more: Concern over betting shop in residential area

Traffic signs and traffic-calming measures

The WRRA raised a number of requests for traffic signs and traffic-calming measures flagged by residents. The councillor was unwilling to discuss these and said they were basically service-delivery issues that should be reported along service-delivery channels.

However, the WRRA has included these requests in its proposal for ward allocation projects.

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Security cameras

If neighbours start a drive to put up security cameras in our streets, power can be sourced directly from the City’s power lines at a nominal cost.

A formal application must be lodged and the City’s CCTV policy (downloadable from the website) must be followed. Any cameras that look out over roads or public open spaces must be registered with the City.

St John’s Parish Cemetery

The church has undertaken to clean the cemetery in Church Street once a week and is currently looking for funding to fence it in.

Read more: Concern over cemetery dwellers

Greater cooperation among Wynberg representative groups

In a private discussion between the WRRA representative on the Ward Committee and Cllr Liz Brunette, it was proposed that different Wynberg groups (eg. the WRRA, Wynberg Watch, WID and Solutions) meet from time to time as a group with the councillor in order to discuss issues pertaining to only Wynberg.

That is because the Ward Committee meetings include representatives from Constantia and other suburbs, as well as environmental, security and social organisations – and Wynberg has specific needs that do not apply to the other organisations.

The WRRA will take the initiative to organise the first of these meetings.

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