Join the Wynberg Garden Meander!

Summary: To celebrate Garden Day, there will be a Wynberg community garden walkabout on the morning of Sunday 21 October. Anyone is welcome to walk along and/or open their garden.

Afsana Khan

Afsana Khan

Sunday 21 October is Garden Day and keen Wynberg gardener Afsana Khan has taken the opportunity to celebrate it by organising a community garden walkabout.

“As many green fingers will know, Wynberg’s climate can make for tricky yet rewarding gardening,” Afsana says. “The idea of the walkabout is to admire each other’s gardens and share our knowledge and experience of a wide variety of gardening practices and inspirations.”

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to include their garden and/or join in the walkabout. Your garden does not have to be extraordinary beautiful or large. “It is a community initiative by and for the community where we can share ideas and enjoy each other’s gardening efforts,” Afsana says.

What to expect

Practices to be discussed in the walkabout include permaculture, hydroponics, composting, pest control and irrigation.

There will also be a look at beekeeping and chicken keeping.

Gardens already participating include features such as vegetable gardens, waterwise gardens, small gardens, fynbos beds, pot-planted patios and tree ‘walls’ planted to safeguard privacy.

How to participate

If you want to open your garden and/or join the walkabout, please contact Afsana on 083 226 3564 or via Messenger.

When and where

Date: Sunday 21 October

Time: 9 am

Where: Meet at Maynardville Park across the road from Four & Twenty.

More information

A Facebook event has been created.


A seven-storey building for Berwick Road?


  • An apartment block of seven storeys with 47 flats is planned for Berwick Road.
  • Interested parties have until 15 October 2018 to comment.
Picture of Berwick Road, taken from the top close to Victoria Hospital

Berwick Road. An application has been made to consolidate the four properties on the left and erect a seven-storey building with 47 apartments.

Developers have applied to erect a seven-storey block of flats in sleepy Berwick Road. The application has been brought by Andrew Pratt of APTP Town Planning.

The WRRA has received letters of concern from residents in Berwick Road as well as in Lindley Road, as the latter road will also be affected by the proposed building.

Both streets are located on Alphen Hill just below Victoria Hospital, and currently sport cottages and small blocks not higher than two or three storeys.

The proposed new block will be erected at 5-8 Berwick Road and is expected to consist of 47 flats, for which the four properties will be consolidated.

Map showing where Berwick is and where the development will be

The green section indicates where the proposed development will be.

The developer has applied for a series of departures from City bylaws, some of which are related to boundary setbacks, which are to be expected in the light of erf consolidations. They also applied for only 59 off-street parking bays (instead of the required 94, i.e. two per apartment), and for departures with regard to carriageways.

Read more:  The full application

The area is zoned GR4, which permits buildings of 24 meters high, into which seven storeys would fit.

However, one of the departures applied for is rezoning part of the consolidated property to GR5. It is unclear why. GR5 permits buildings of 35 metres high, but also has different requirements for boundary building lines and street set-back.

Read more: Do you know how your street is zoned?


Residents in the area have expressed their concern about the influence of the new block on:

  • Parking – Berwick Road already handles overflow traffic from visitors to Victoria Hospital;
  • Traffic – the road is used as a short-cut to schools;
  • Drainage and sewage – these are already under pressure;
  • Mountain views – these will be spoiled;
  • Privacy – new neighbours will be able to look straight into surrounding properties;
  • Streetscape – such a high building will not fit the look and feel of Berwick Road; and
  • Heritage – there are buildings graded IIIB behind the proposed development.

Do you wish to comment?

  • Closing date for objections, comments or representations: 15 October 2018
  • Email address:
    Note from editor: We tested this address and it is incorrect. Correct address will be supplied as soon as someone picks up the phone.
  • State your full name, address, contact details, the method by which you may be notified and what your interest in the application is. Also supply the reason for your objection or comment.
  • You can also make an oral submission. Find the details here:  The full application


Office of the district manager
Plumstead Administrative Building
3 Victoria Ave

Tel. 021 444 7721 (Mr Ndyavane)

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Public meeting: Let’s engage with our councillor!

Pic of Liz Brunette and raised hands

Councillor Elizabeth Brunette


  • A date and time has been set for the promised townhall-style meeting between Cllr Liz Brunette and Wynberg residents.
  • Wayne Aldridge, the City’s head of problem buildings and an expert on crime, street people and drug issues, will also attend.

Councillor Liz Brunette will chair a public meeting with residents of Wynberg on 7 August.

A City crime expert will also attend to speak to residents about crime and related issues in our suburb.

This is the first public meeting ever dedicated specifically to the issues of our suburb (the part of Wynberg that falls in Ward 62), so it is important to attend.

Date: 7 August 2018

Time: 6 for 6.30 until 8 pm

Venue: Church on Main, 3 Millbank Road (next to the library, across the road form Maynardville Park)

Map of Church on Main


In attendance will be Wayne Aldridge, head of the problem buildings unit of Cape Town. He will speak about and reply to questions on problem buildings, street people, drugs and crime.

Picture of Wayne Aldridge, Wynberg

Wayne Aldridge

Cllr Brunette can answer questions on taxis and traffic, two other topics Wynberg residents indicated they wanted to discuss at the meeting.

She will also inform us about plans to improve the Wynberg PTI (public transport interchange) and surrounding area.

The WRRA urges residents to attend, as our Facebook users often complain of lack of access to the councillor. This is your opportunity!

Cllr Brunette requested that the WRRA send her a list of possible topics for discussion. After consulting with residents, we supplied the following topics:

  • How to engage with the councillor most effectively
  • Taxis and traffic
  • Wynberg PTI
  • Development in Wynberg
  • Drugs and crime
  • Street people
  • Problem buildings

Quest for a clean suburb

Cartoon of 3 children cleaning up a dam


  • The City’s solid waste department has undertaken to clean Wellington Avenue, Piers Road, the area around Maynardville Park and three green areas between Wellington, Kemms and Flamingo Road once a week.
  • This is thanks to the relentless efforts of two Wynberg residents who refused to take no for an answer.
  • All residents can help by keeping the street area outside their homes clean.

IF YOU’VE NOTICED that some streets in Wynberg are looking more pristine than before, your eyes would not have been be deceiving you.

That’s thanks to Ian McClenaghan, WRRA exco member in charge of cleansing and a man who has for months been meeting with and petitioning a large number of people connected to the City and its cleansing departments.

Pic of Ian

Ian McClenaghan, WRRA exco member in charge of cleansing

“We recently moved to Wynberg and are very happy living in a suburb where it’s possible to walk to shops, restaurants, the library and especially Maynardville Park,” Ian explains.

“I’ve always enjoyed a walk around the neighbourhood in the evenings. My first visit to Maynardville Park was late one afternoon, and I found a park that was pristine; a lovely example of a proper neighbourhood park. The contrast, walking back home was terrible – the side streets were filthy and full of litter.”

This worried him particularly as before he lived in Newlands, where the streets were always impeccable.

So Ian, who stays in Wellington Avenue, set to work with his friend Ross Finck, a Kemms Road resident. Together they lodged a request on the City’s website. They spoke to the Wynberg Improvement District. They met with The Haven. Ian joined the WRRA exco and set up a cleansing portfolio. They patiently wrote endless emails, many of which went unanswered. They petitioned and met with the ward councillor. They drove around the suburb with City’s waste management officials, pointing out problem areas.  They checked into the Expanded Public Works Programme.

At last, after being sent from pillar to post for many weeks, Ian and Ross  met up with Deon McDillon, manager of the City’s department for solid waste. And things started to happen.

Deon did not have the funds to clean the whole of Wynberg every single week, but he did undertake to do the following:

  • Clean Wellington Road once a week
  • Clean Piers Road and the area around Maynardville Park once a week.
  • Clean the three green areas between Wellington, Kemms and Flamingo Road once a week.

Sherard Square is also looking much better, Ian reports.

“Wynberg south of Maynardville is much cleaner than it was a few months ago,” he says, but cautions, “we must remain vigilant and continue to follow up.”

Note: The Wynberg Improvement District (WID) employs nine permanent cleaners in the area covered by them.


As the City of Cape Town has limited resources, Ian and Ross urge private residents to take responsibility for their own streets.

“Part of the success in the areas above was that neighbours also became involved,” Ian says.

“Just keep an eye on the area outside your own front gate. Sweep the pavement once a week and remove any rubble that should not be there. If you employ a gardener or gardening service, add keeping part of the street clean to their job description.”


Development Watch: c/o Bower and Constantia Main Road

Picture of the property on the corner

Address: c/o Bower and Constantia Main Road

Status: There is a notice on the property that it is has applied for rezoning from GR1 (maximum height 10 m) to GR2 (maximum height 15 m). GR2 would allow for a building of three to four storeys high.

WRRA response: The WRRA has not been invited to comment. There some concern about another high block of flats as it is a busy intersection. On the other hand, GR2 zoning would bring the property in line with the zoning of all other properties between Wellington Avenue and Bower Road.


Development Watch: 16 Bayview Road

Bayview single house and apartment block

Address: 16 Bayview Road

Status: Property has been halfway demolished. One of the neighbours is challenging the development in court. The matter is currently on appeal.

WRRA response: The WRRA has objected to the demolition because a four-storey block of flats called Victoria Square is to be erected on the property. It has serious implication for the privacy and lifestyle of surrounding homes, and will put pressure on the traffic and ancient sewerage system.