Join the WRRA

Why join the WRRA?

Are you concerned about crime and grime, your suburb’s heritage, your natural environment, service delivery, problem buildings, the future of our neighbourhood? Then join!

By joining, you will . . .

Who can join?

Any property owner, resident or business, or any interested person who shares our values and wants to contribute to the area.

What does it cost?

  • R100 per year for members
  • R70 per year for pensioners and those on state grants
  • R80 per year for members living in a body corporate, as long as more than 10 members of your body corporate join the WRRA

How do I join?

  1. Complete the membership form.
  2. Please pay your membership fee by EFT. If you don’t have access to EFT, please indicate on the form and we will contact you.

Paying by EFT
Name  Wynberg Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association
Bank  Nedbank
Type  Cheque
Account Number 1075754364
Branch Code 101109
Branch Constantia
Reference Your name and surname as on the application form


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