Burning issue: Brodie Road Couplet / MyCiTi route


Transport for Cape Town (TCT) has proposed a “second Main Road” through residential Wynberg – a two-lane couplet of about a kilometre long that will act as a relief road or bypass for Main Road.

This relief road is known as the Brodie Road Couplet. It does not exist yet but will have to be specially constructed.

It is also earmarked as a MyCiTi bus route on which up to 18 meter long buses will run, transporting commuters between Wynberg and Mitchell’s Plain/Khayelitsha.

The new road will run about half a block west of Main Road, parallel to Main Road, through a designated urban conservation area.

There will be three bus stops along the Brodie Road couplet.

A map of the proposed Brodie Road couplet, with proposed bus stops

The Brodie Road couplet. Click and enlarge to see more detail. The orange S blocks indicate planned bus stops.

The  couplet was first proposed in 2002, and was shelved due to overwhelming objections by the community.  It has now been resurrected as part of Phase 2A of the City’s MyCiTi bus route.

TCT estimates that by 2032, about 1 800 people will board and alight from the buses in the Brodie Road part of the couplet.


The WRRA is in favour of a MyCiTi route through Wynberg, but not of this particular one as we believe it will destroy the fabric of one of Cape Town’s oldest suburbs. It also makes little sense as it does not go near the Wynberg Transport Interchange. We have proposed alternatives.

Map showing alternatives and proposed route

The blue line shows the proposed couplet, as well as the plan for South Road (4 lanes) in Plumstead. The purple line is the alternative favoured by the WRRA.


The WRRA’s main objections to the proposed Brodie Road couplet through Wynberg

Q&A: Transport for Cape Town (TCT) replies to questions posed by residents from Wynberg

Relevant surveys and documents requested by the WRRA and supplied by TCT

The City’s FAQ page on the Wynberg part of the route.

Detailed maps of the proposed route. Scroll right to the bottom of the page where you’ll find a series of PDFs, each depicting a section of the part of the route that runs through Plumstead and Wynberg. You can also find a brief summary of what is envisaged for Wynberg here.



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