Join the Wynberg Garden Meander!

Summary: To celebrate Garden Day, there will be a Wynberg community garden walkabout on the morning of Sunday 21 October. Anyone is welcome to walk along and/or open their garden.

Afsana Khan

Afsana Khan

Sunday 21 October is Garden Day and keen Wynberg gardener Afsana Khan has taken the opportunity to celebrate it by organising a community garden walkabout.

“As many green fingers will know, Wynberg’s climate can make for tricky yet rewarding gardening,” Afsana says. “The idea of the walkabout is to admire each other’s gardens and share our knowledge and experience of a wide variety of gardening practices and inspirations.”

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to include their garden and/or join in the walkabout. Your garden does not have to be extraordinary beautiful or large. “It is a community initiative by and for the community where we can share ideas and enjoy each other’s gardening efforts,” Afsana says.

What to expect

Practices to be discussed in the walkabout include permaculture, hydroponics, composting, pest control and irrigation.

There will also be a look at beekeeping and chicken keeping.

Gardens already participating include features such as vegetable gardens, waterwise gardens, small gardens, fynbos beds, pot-planted patios and tree ‘walls’ planted to safeguard privacy.

How to participate

If you want to open your garden and/or join the walkabout, please contact Afsana on 083 226 3564 or via Messenger.

When and where

Date: Sunday 21 October

Time: 9 am

Where: Meet at Maynardville Park across the road from Four & Twenty.

More information

A Facebook event has been created.


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