Public meeting: Let’s engage with our councillor!

Pic of Liz Brunette and raised hands

Councillor Elizabeth Brunette


  • A date and time has been set for the promised townhall-style meeting between Cllr Liz Brunette and Wynberg residents.
  • Wayne Aldridge, the City’s head of problem buildings and an expert on crime, street people and drug issues, will also attend.

Councillor Liz Brunette will chair a public meeting with residents of Wynberg on 7 August.

A City crime expert will also attend to speak to residents about crime and related issues in our suburb.

This is the first public meeting ever dedicated specifically to the issues of our suburb (the part of Wynberg that falls in Ward 62), so it is important to attend.

Date: 7 August 2018

Time: 6 for 6.30 until 8 pm

Venue: Church on Main, 3 Millbank Road (next to the library, across the road form Maynardville Park)

Map of Church on Main


In attendance will be Wayne Aldridge, head of the problem buildings unit of Cape Town. He will speak about and reply to questions on problem buildings, street people, drugs and crime.

Picture of Wayne Aldridge, Wynberg

Wayne Aldridge

Cllr Brunette can answer questions on taxis and traffic, two other topics Wynberg residents indicated they wanted to discuss at the meeting.

She will also inform us about plans to improve the Wynberg PTI (public transport interchange) and surrounding area.

The WRRA urges residents to attend, as our Facebook users often complain of lack of access to the councillor. This is your opportunity!

Cllr Brunette requested that the WRRA send her a list of possible topics for discussion. After consulting with residents, we supplied the following topics:

  • How to engage with the councillor most effectively
  • Taxis and traffic
  • Wynberg PTI
  • Development in Wynberg
  • Drugs and crime
  • Street people
  • Problem buildings

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