Development Watch: 4 Vriedenhof Road

Pic of 4 and 6a Vriedenhof

4 Vriedenhof Road, with to its right the two semis one of which has also been bought by Karma

Address: 4 and 6a Vriedenhof Road

Status: Karma Properties has bought 4 Vriedenhof, as well as one of the two semis next-door.

WRRA response: The WRRA has not received any formal invitation to respond yet. We are of the opinion that a four-to-five storey development in the Karma style would be completely inappropriate in this sleepy street that consists of mostly single-storey cottages. It is also one property removed from heritage-rich Mortimer Road, and hardly a block from the Old Village. We are not opposed to developing of the property, but are of the opinion that it should be in keep with the look and feel of the rest of the street and should not exceed two storeys.

Vriedenhof Road streetscape

Vriedenhof Road streetscape




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