MyCiTi route: the latest

Transport for Cape Town is expected to bring its plans for the controversial MyCiTi route through Plumstead and Wynberg to the Cape Town city council early in 2018.

That’s according to Brett Herron, mayco member for transport and urban development and a man who is himself currently caught up in controversy as a result of alleged irregularities around some MyCiTi contracts.

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The MyCiTi route has been shrouded in controversy over the past years as many residents of Plumstead objected to the proposed extension of South Road to a four-lane mega-road, while many Wynberg residents were dead set against the plan to allow the route to cut  through the residential part of the suburb by way of the Brodie road couplet.

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At a recent public meeting in Constantia, Herron said they were studying the results of the public participation process, as they were able to do so for the first time since the participation process ran in winter 2015.

The delay is the result of several court cases aimed at preventing the City from evicting tenants from homes that have to be demolished to make way for the South Road part of the route. Eventually, the City was victorious and can now  proceed with its plans to build the mega-road which was proclaimed several decades ago.

However, whether the City will actually proceed with this specific plan – and more importantly for Wynberg residents, whether it will proceed with its Brodie Road plan – remains to be seen.

“We are in the process of assessing public comment around South Road,” Herron said. “We are reevaluating our plans and will then bring it to council.”

He said they didn’t know yet what the outcome would be and that it might in fact be different from previously proposed plans.

With regard to the Wynberg part of the route, they “were still not sure how to get into Wynberg”, he said.  He did not expand, but it could be because the Wynberg side is more tricky – no public road has yet been proclaimed so even if the City proceeds with its Brodie Road plan, it could take years to dot all the i’s and cross the t’s.

In the meantime, the WRRA’s own analysis of the public participation results showed that the majority of Wynberg residents are not in favour of the Brodie Road couplet and prefer a less intrusive option.

Read more: Results of public participation process



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