Wynberg Canal: fencing to start soon

Contractors erecting the fence around the Wynberg Canal should be on site before the end of May. The fencing is expected to be finished this month or at the latest in June.

The canal area to be fenced off is the section between Piers and Vriedenhof Road.

What happens when the canal is open for trespassing. Burglaries are also launched from the canal. Picture: Julian Emdon

Read more: Good news: part of troublesome canal to be fenced off

“Parkland mesh” fencing is being manufactured by fencing company ClearVu, Cllr Liz Brunette said at the Ward 62 Committee meeting on 8 May. It is the same kind of fencing used in City parks and is difficult to climb over.

picture of parkland mesh fenching

Parkland mesh fencing. Picture: cochranesteel.com


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  1. There is a section of this canal in Sherard Square that is still accessible to vagrants. Please please please could this be covered over somehow? My neighbours have put miles of razor wire around it but the vagrants still squeeze through.

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