MyCiTi route: Consultants to come on board

Consultants will be appointed this week to study and provide advice to the City about the MyCiTi route through Ottery, Plumstead and Wynberg.

This was revealed by Cllr Liz Brunette at the Ward 62 Committee meeting on Monday 8 May.

While Wynberg and Plumstead residents have always been in favour of MyCiTi coming to our neck of the woods, there have been serious disputes about the best possible route the bus should take. This is because Wynberg residents are concerned about the impact on heritage houses and the fabric of the suburb, and some Plumstead residents are concerned about the proposed knocking down of several council houses (and eviction of tenants who have lived there for decades) and the building of a new four-lane road.

According to Brunette, the consulting company will review all possible routes between Strandfontein Road and Wynberg station, and will also pay attention to the comments received from residents during the public participation process.

It is anticipated that the review process will take two months to complete.

The WRRA welcomes the appointment of consultants as we believe an objective evaluation of the impact of the different routes is long overdue.

The WRRA  has studied the results of the public participation process and found that by far the majority of Wynberg residents were against the route currently proposed by the City and preferred the alternative route proposed by the WRRA, while the commuters at whom the service is aimed (residents of Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha) are not interested in the details of the route as long as it gets them to Wynberg.

Watch this space for a detailed analysis of the public participation results.



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