On leash or not – have your say about new dog-walking bylaws

If you’re a member of our Facebook group, you’ll know by now that the City has caused quite a stir in our neck of the woods by suggesting that dogs should be on a leash on the Alphen trail and a few other green-belt areas.

Residents have to make our voice heard about the matter by 31 March (see below how).

Why is a policy needed?

The City’s Public Parks Bylaw is silent on whether dogs should be on leashes or may run free in public open spaces and parks.

Some users of these areas believe that as they have always walked their dogs without a leash they should not be required to use them now.

Other users of the areas feel very strongly that all dogs should be on leashes at all times.

The suggestion on the table

Ward 62 councillor Liz Brunette and officials have come up with a suggestion according to which some public spaces should be on-leash areas for dogs and others areas where dogs can run free. These are the suggestions currently on the table (click here for a clearer picture):

Table of areas suggested to be on- or off-leash

However, these suggestions are not written in stone and a survey is under way in which you can make your voice heard. The results of the survey will assist City Parks and Subcouncil 20  in determining whether . .

  • Dogs should be allowed to run free without a leash on all greenbelts, parks and public open spaces,
  • Dogs should be allowed to run free without a leash on some greenbelts, parks and public open spaces, or
  • Dogs should be on leashes on all greenbelts, parks and public open spaces.

Additional proposals are:

  • A maximum of three dogs per walker
  • Dogs must be under control at all times
  • Dog handlers must pick up faeces and dispose of it at home

The WRRA’s view

We support the notion  that some areas should be on-leash and others off-leash so that residents have a choice of an open space that suits them best. For instance, people with small children or a fear of dogs may prefer walks in on-leash areas while those with dogs may prefer off-leash areas.

The WRRA believes the Alphen trail should be OFF-LEASH as it is extremely dog-friendly due to its size and because it is a bicycle-free area. On the other hand, the Silverhurst and Sillery trails should rather be on-leash, as there is a busy road between them, cyclists are allowed there and the trails are shorter.

It makes sense to us that all parks should be on-leash areas as people picnic there and small children play there.

How to have your say

  • Email your comments to 20@capetown.gov.za
  • Fax your comments to 021 794 7692
  • Deliver your comments by hand to Subcouncil 20, Alphen Centre, Main Road, Constantia for the attention of Stacy Kroukamp.

DEADLINE: 31 March

Maps and the table above can also be seen at the Alphen Centre.

Picture: The Alphen Trail


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