Hollywood Bets is no problem – City’s Law Enforcement

Collage: picture of hollywood Bets and flat abouve it.

Attempts by Wynberg residents to have Hollywood Bets declared a problem building, have failed.

Hollywood Bets, on the corner of Langley and Main, has according to residents attracted a lot of unsavoury and criminal behaviour.

Several concerns and complaints have been lodged with Wynberg SAPS and City Law Enforcement. These include loitering in the area as a result of the betting shop and the open parking opposite it. Residents have reported public drinking and drug deals occurring as a result, especially over weekends.

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The WRRA itself has expressed concern at the number of betting shops around Main Road, as most of them are close to several schools and places of worship, both regarded as valid grounds for objection by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.

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Wynberg City Councillor Liz Brunette has now been informed by the Problem Building Unit of the City’s Law Enforcement department that the property (which includes the apartment building above and behind it) is not a problem building, because:

  • Upon inspection, it was in a good clean state. There was no dumping, no unsavoury characters on the site nor any illegal activities at the time of inspection.
  • It’s an open public space which does not have any signs to indicate “Private Property” nor “No Trespassing”, which means that anyone has access to the parking bays. The body corporate of the apartment building should put up signs or try to secure the area, according to the report prepared by officer S. Newman.
  • The property does not meet the criteria of a Problem Building and any and all illegal activities needs to be addressed by SAPS. The Problem Buildings Unit is not going to take on any further action.

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  1. If it fails, we going to apply the same law as Potter’s house church next door has been there before them, so I have successfully secure a meeting with Pastor Brian Phillips for this saturday at 10am to discuss the issue. We will apply the same thing as we did with 155 Main road. One street guy (who used to be regular in gumbling) confirmed that betting world in 155 Main Road, shop 7 will be leaving this year but no date was provided

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