Concern about second block planned for The Chelsea

With Block A of the luxury apartment complex The Chelsea (corner of Aliwal and Electric) revamped and ready, developers have applied for a number of departures in order to erect Block B, a second building on the site.

Map of location

The WRRA and surrounding residents have objected to these departures.

The original building was called Aliwal Court and consisted of six units, seven lock-up garages and a caretaker unit. The new building is called The Chelsea and the six units have been converted into 12 units, while the lock-ups and caretaker unit were demolished.

The Chelsea blcok A

The revamped Block A with its entrance from Aliwal Road.

The developer, Greeff Properties, has been advertising The Chelsea as a 20-unit development in the “Wynberg Chelsea area”, comprising the 12 Block A units and an additional eight Block B units. The apartments have been selling at around R2 million.

Illustration of block B

This picture was taken from advertising material for The Chelsea and seems to be an artist’s impression of Block B with an entrance from Electric Road.

However, the title deed of the property stipulates that only one building may be erected on the premises, which would exclude Block B.

This is one of the stipulations the developer wants to rid itself of now.

One of the concerns residents and the WRRA have is that the new building will include underground parking, which could cause damage to the foundations of surrounding heritage properties. It will be built on the boundary of Chelsea Square, while the adjacent property dates from 1926.

Other reasons and objections filed by the WRRA include:

  • The current building could easily be extended; a second building is therefore not necessary.
  • There will be a negative impact on the surrounding properties and streetscape,  especially given the width and traffic intensity along Electric Road.
  • The safety and welfare of the members of the community will be affected, ranging from learners (many schools in the area) to visitors and people working at SAPS, the Office of the Sheriff and the Magistrates’ Court.
  • The number of parking bays requested will exceed the maximum stipulated by the City of Cape Town.

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