Superfast internet for Wynberg: update

Many Wynberg residents will have to wait several months before being able to benefit from the superfast internet speeds provided by fibre technology.

Openserve, Telkom’s fibre service, has already rolled out or is busy rolling out in the western parts of Wynberg bordering Constantia, Bishops Court and Kenilworth, with digging under way or soon to start in Broad Road, part of Wolfe Street and soon Main Road.

Openserve will consider rolling out to the rest of Wynberg  (roughly the part covered by SAPS Sector 1) only in their new financial year, which starts in April 2017.

Map of where Openserve is rolling out fibre technology

The purple parts of the map indicate where Openserve has rolled out or is planning to roll out soon. More info:

Unfortunately, the survey undertook by the WRRA earlier this year did not show enough enthusiasm to interest smaller fibre technology providers in Wynberg. The survey showed reasonably wide-spread but very scattered interest.

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Smaller providers prefer at least 10 neighbouring houses or 50% interest in an area before laying down cables. According to the WRRA survey, only two streets (Silverlea and Cogill) had close to 10 interested households.

So it makes sense to wait until Openserve comes to us, which will hopefully be within the next 8 months to a year.

  • The WRRA thanks resident Martin Bilski, who contacted the various service providers and did most of the research.





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