Canal update: new plan for funding

AVAILABLE BUDGET CONTINUES to be the greatest problem in residents’ drive to make the Wynberg Canal and the surrounding properties safe.

A map of the Wynberg canal

A map of the Wynberg Canal.

You can view a larger version of the canal map here. Warning: it is a pdf of 11 MB.

While Transport for Cape Town has already indicated that they will not be able to fund a project to make the Canal safe, it was decided at a recent meeting that a case could be made to fence parts of the canal based on maintenance. That’s because fencing could reduce maintenance costs in the area as there will be reduced littering.

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At the meeting – attended by Wynberg organisations (including the WRRA), councillor Liz Brunette and municipal officials – Brendon Fortuin of the maintenance, roads and stormwarter department  undertook to investigate the issue further, get a cost estimate and motivate for fencing.

It remains extremely important that all incidents relating to the Wynberg Canal be reported. Reporting means the calls will be logged and a case for fencing can be motivated based on the number and frequency of incidents. Contacts are listed at the bottom of this article.

The cost of fencing would depend on the type and height etc., but as an order of magnitude would be about 400 metres of fencing at R 1000 per metre, which would amount to about R400 000.

update: Canal flooding

Increasing the size of the retention pond in Maynardville Park – which will prevent the annual flooding problem in streets surrounding the canal – is now second on the stormwater department’s top-10 list, but at the likely cost of R10 to R15 million it is still a good few years in the future.

picture of planned retention pond

The proposed retention pond

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  • If you notice that existing fences have been cut or damaged, please log a service request online .
  • Also log requests about debris, flooding etc.
  • Alert SAPS as well as City Law Enforcement on 0860 765 423 about suspicious people moving in and out of the canal.

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