Do you know how your street is zoned?


Cover page of the City's 2012 zoning regulations

Back in 2012, long before the WRRA was even a glint in anyone’s eye, the City of Cape Town published a zoning document that affected some parts of Wynberg.

As a result, many small cottages may find that they have new neighbours: blocks of flats that can vary from three to five storeys.

It is unclear how much public participation was involved in the new zoning regulations. When asked about this at the inaugural meeting of the WRRA, councillor Liz Brunette said it was advertised in the paper and if residents were unaware of it, “then you people don’t read your papers”.

Residents on the Kenilworth border recently had a nasty surprise when they realised a section of their neighbourhood had been zoned to GR4, which means buildings of up to 24 m tall (i.e. five storeys) are  allowed.


Do you know how your street has been zoned? If not, have a look at the City’s zone viewer (you have to tick a disclaimer box before you can access the viewer). Zoom into Ward 62 and your street and tick the “labels” box to the left. Scroll down until you come to the General Residential labels. Match the colour of you area to the colour of the corresponding label.

Working on the basis that 1 storey = 5 m:

GR1: Maximum height – 10 m

GR2: Maximum height – 15 m

GR3: Maximum height – 20 m

GR4: Maximum height – 25 m

GR5: Maximum height – 35 m

GR6: Maximum height – 50 m

For more information on GR zoning go to the City’s zoning scheme regulations  and scroll down to page 92.


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