Ward 62, meet your candidates

AS NO CANDIDATE for tomorrow’s elections has made any effort to contact Wynberg residents to find out what we might need from them, you could be forgiven for having no idea who they are.

So here is the list of the people whose names will appear on your ballot paper tomorrow. Unfortunately we could not find pictures of everyone, because boy, for politicians these guys and girls really know how to keep a low profile!

Many of the smaller-party candidates stand in other wards as well.  A few of them are currently councillors in other wards. As far as we could work out the National People’s Party candidate stands in every single Western Cape ward.

Africa Muslim Party
Sorayia Logday (59)

African Christian Democratic Party
Jane Leslie Verster-Cohen (65)

African National Congress

Picture of Glen Geswindt, ANC candidate

Glen Solomon Geswindt (53)

Al Jama-ah

Picture of Ganief Hendricks

Mogamad Ganief Ebrahim Hendricks (66)

Al Shura

Picture of Mehmet Vefa Dag

Mehmet Vefa Dag (43)

Cape Muslim Congress

Picture of Yagyah Adams

 Yagyah Adams (46)

Cape Party/Kaapse Party

Picture of Jack Miller
Jack Lawrence Miller (32)

Coloured Voice
Carmen Ruth Kleinsmith (26)

Congress of the People
 Anthea Cloete (50)

Democratic Alliance

Elizabeth Brunette

Elizabeth Nell Brunette (64)

Economic Freedom Fighters
Ntombozuko Xokozela (33)

Independent Civic Organisation of SA
Celeste Fisher (46)

National Party SA
Heather Joy Malcomess-Featherstone (54)

National People’s Party
Michelle Maria Calitz (50)

Pan Africanist Congress
Charmaine Nandipha Biko (37)

Vryheidsfront Plus/Freedom Front Plus
Andrew Fourie (72)

Andrew Fourie picture


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