Superfast internet for Wynberg: want to join?

Iconic picture of fibre optic cables

Superfast internet is available – in the form of fibre broadband technology that is currently being rolled out across South Africa.

But if we want it in Wynberg, we will have to ask for it as a community.

So if you are interested in receiving superfast fibre internet, please complete our poll at the bottom of this article.

Why fibre broadband?

  • It is more than 10 times faster than conventional broadband, which most homes currently have (ADSL lines). Read more about fibre-optic speeds.
  • It allows large files to be transferred at lightning speed,  which means you can do more on the internet and you can do it faster – such as streaming movies, watching high-quality TV, working or studying from home, playing online games, etc.
  • Several computers in one household can also be online at the same time without slowing each other down.
  • With faster connections, you can track and control many more aspects of your life online. For instance, eventually you should be able to do smart metering: measuring your water and electricity use and remotely control devices, lights and appliances in your home.
  • Its availability will increase the value of your home.

How does it work?

  • First, fibre-optic cables have to be installed under the pavement of your street. This means the pavement will  have to be dug up and resurfaced.
  • From there, cables will be connected to your house or apartment.

Read how one person experienced the installation of fibre optic technology to his home.

What to do if you are interested

As far as we could ascertain, most of Wynberg is currently not on any company’s roll-out schedule. This means that if we don’t ask for it, we may have to wait a very long time before it comes to our suburb.

But if enough people in a community – or even street – are interested, the cables will be installed by the provider of their choice.

So if you would like superfast internet in your household, home business or apartment, please complete the poll below. If enough interest exists among neighbours, we will connect those interested with each other to get the ball rolling (or the fibre lines flashing!).

  • Important: The poll closes on Friday 15 July.
  • Important: Please remember to add your address below or email it as per the instructions below, as we need to know where you live in order to know in which streets fibre optics will be feasible.






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