Crossword corner: How well do you know Wynberg (and its history)?

Time for some weekend fun! Complete our interactive crossword below and see how well you know Wynberg West. It works on desktop, tablet or phone.  Just click on the crossword below.

Wynberg crossword screen grab


  • The clues are to the right . . . click on the arrows in the clue boxes to see more clues.
  • Click on the block where you want to add a letter and type the letter.
  • Click on the clue you want to solve and the first block of its solution will turn yellow.
  • It works the other way round as well: if you click on a block, its clue will turn red.
  • If you get stuck, click on “reveal letter” to see more letters, or on “reveal” to see the solution.  “Check” tells you whether the letter you typed is correct or incorrect.
  • When done, you can click on “submit”.
  • The timer shows you how much time you spend completing the crossword.

Are you playing on your smartphone?

  • The crossword works best with your cell in the horizontal position. If you can’t do this (for instance with an older Blackberry), you’ll have to scroll from left to right to see the clues.
  • If you use an iPhone you can’t scroll and will have to turn your phone horizontally in order to do the crossword.

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