Proposed rezoning: business rights in Fleming Road

Building Felming Rd 50


50 Fleming Road

Application for

Rezoning from residential GR4 to business


A trust

WRRA response

Opposed the rezoning but would support an application for “consent use” under GR4 zoning. Requested an interview when it comes to Subcouncil.


The WRRA decided not to attend the interview because the report from the City planners very clearly supported the application: no neighbours objected and the owner is struggling to find tenants (hostile residential area). The planning department believes that the proposed rezoning will have a low impact in an area that already contains a variety of land uses. The proposed land use is considered compatible, and the impact will be less than that of current residential rights (GR4 which means can build block of flats), especially as the conditions will limit the use to offices or residential. The proposal is also consistent with the Main Road Growth Strategy and, due to its position close to Constantia Road, does not amount to business creep.

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