MyCiTi route through Wynberg: update

Myciti bus

Q What is the latest on the proposed MyCiTi route through Wynberg?

A On 31 March the Cape Town City Council approved the route, with the exception of the Wynberg section as that is still tied up in court cases.

Read more.

Q Court cases?

A Yes, the City is currently appealing for the second time a decision by the courts that it should a) consult meaningfully with the 26 families in South Road it wants to evict to make room for the road and b) investigate an alternative route for MyCiTi from Khayelitsha to Wynberg.

Q What happened to the public participation process about the route?

The results of the participation process have been tabled at a City Council meeting. Although the Mayco member for transport is on record that there was overwhelming support for the route, it is clear from the public participation results that the support was not overwhelming and that there was very little support from Wynberg residents for the current route.

Read the results of the public participation report here



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