Proposed development: Double-storey second dwelling in Bayview

Picture of 32 Bayview

The house on the left is 32 Bayview and the house on the right 14 Crescent. The boundary wall in question is between the two properties, with the proposed second dwelling earmarked for where the garage currently is.


32 Bayview Road (corner of Bayview and Crescent)

Application for

Develop a double-storey second dwelling and build to the boundary line of the adjacent property (14 Crescent Road)



WRRA response

The WRRA objects to the departure based on where the proposed new structure would be built, as it would block off the adjacent property’s light from the north and negatively affect its value, view and privacy. This is contrary to National Building Regulations (NBR) and Building Standards Act (No. 133 of 1977).

The WRRA’s other concern is the safety risks of building up to the boundary line, which makes it easier for criminals to move from one property to the next and could also constitute a fire hazard.

However, the WRRA supports adding a second storey to the existing dwelling (as the owners are entitled to do), or building a new structure further along the boundary, which would not require any departures.

So, in a nutshell: The WRRA feels the applicant is seeking to acquire additional rights and benefits at the expense of the neighbourhood, instead of exercising their existing rights, which would enable them to develop a second dwelling within their current property envelope.


Waiting on feedback from the City.

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