Rezoning to business: Council overturns decision by City planners

Welcome to the first instalment of our new series designed to keep you up to date with proposed new developments and zoning changes in Wynberg.

In this article we look at the rezoning of a property on the corner of Riverstone and Aliwal Road. It is quite controversial as both the City’s planners and its land use committee opposed the rezoning, but the Mayoral Committee (Mayco) overturned their decision. Currently, only the Main Road area is zoned for business.

Thatched house with green shutters.

The property on the corner of Aliwal and Riverstone road. This view is from Aliwal, the entrance to the rezoned building will be around the corner in Riverstone Road.


Corner of Riverstone and Aliwal Road


Rezoning from residential to business


Bill Rawson (developer)


The WRRA opposed the rezoning as it is contrary to the Southern Distric Plan that stipulates it should remain residential. City planners and the City’s Spatial Planning, Environment and Land Use Management Committee (SPELUM) also opposed the proposed rezoning.


The Mayoral Commission overturned the decision by SPELUM and the planners that business rights were to be denied.


The WRRA has appealed to the Municipal Planning Tribunal. This item will possibly appear on their July agenda.


When this property was under discussion on the WRRA Facebook page on 14 June 2016, resident Linda Jesus Teixera Havers mentioned that her sister had just bought the property and was not interested in business rights. Apparently it was the previous owner who wanted business rezoning. Her sister is planning to renovate the house and add a cottage to the garden, Linda said..



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