City’s business support policy

The City of Cape Town is in the process of finalising its draft business support policy, as the current policy (adopted by Council in 2003) no longer aligns to the City’s Integrated Development Plan, economic growth strategy, etc. The draft policy will serve to guide the City’s support for SMMEs and form the basis for supporting local business growth.

In terms of section 17 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000, the public and interested parties or groups are given the opportunity to submit comments, input or recommendations to the municipality from 1 February 2016 to 1 March 2016.

The draft business support policy can be found here.

If you have any comments that you would like the WRRA to submit, please email

Alternatively, you can directly submit comments, input or recommendations to the City of Cape Town by:
Fax: 086 202 9073
Tel: 021 417 4005
Written submission: PO Box 298, Cape Town 8000
Hand: Subcouncil offices

More information about the draft policy

Unemployment remains one of South Africa’s key socioeconomic challenges. National unemployment is currently at 36.1% and nearly a quarter of the working age population in Cape Town (24.68%) is unemployed. The City has therefore made it a key strategic priority to become an Opportunity City through an economically enabling environment in which investment can grow and jobs can be created. Job creation and growth is reliant on the growth and expansion of existing enterprises or the emergence of new, viable businesses. But despite various public and private initiatives to support existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, the local entrepreneurial climate is sluggish, and South Africa’s levels of entrepreneurial activity continue to lag behind countries with similar levels of development. South Africa’s SMMEs are estimated to account for just over 60% of employment, compared to a global average of 77%. This policy serves to guide the City’s interventions to support SMMEs and forms the basis for partnerships with relevant stakeholders for small business growth.

The purpose of the draft Business Support Policy is to:

  • achieve alignment with the City’s Integrated Development Plan, Economic Growth Strategy and various City strategic frameworks.
  • provide a coherent business support package to guide and support decision making when requests for support are received from the SMME sector.
  • provide clear procedures for businesses who transact with the City, including business incubator operators and communities who wish to lease City owned properties.

The draft Business Support Policy sets out principles, procedures and guidelines that will enable City departments to implement processes, systems and policies that support efforts aimed at attracting and developing high-growth and opportunity-driven businesses, and ensures that necessity-driven entrepreneurs are appropriately supported and nurtured.

This policy will guide the City’s decisions and action in relation to:

  • Regulatory Modernisation (Ease of Doing Business)
  • SME and Workforce One Stop Shop Service
  • Business Support through City Procurement
  • Encouraging Economic Innovation
  • Promoting Business Incubation
  • SME Support through Local Area Economic Development
  • Factors influencing sustainable and success SMEs
  • Sector Support for SMEs
  • Leveraging Private Sector Development for Economic Growth
  • Business Support Eco-System Coordination

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