WRRA joins Heritage Western Cape

Heritage Western Cape logo

The WRRA recently became a member of Heritage Western Cape, the provincial heritage resources authority.

The decision was taken in accordance with our constitution, and the objective in clause 3.6: “to promote, enhance and protect both the built environment and the natural environment of Wynberg in keeping with its present open and natural character and with the heritage of the Area”.

Old picture of Church Street Wynberg

Church Street in Wynberg back in the day

Heritage Western Cape was established in 2003 and promotes cooperative governance between national, provincial and local authorities for identifying, conserving and managing heritage resources.

The WRRA registered an interest in the following categories of heritage resources:

  • Buildings and structures of architectural, historical, technical and aesthetic value
  • Places to which oral traditions intangible values are attached
  • Historical settlements and towns
  • Landscapes and natural features
  • Graves and burial grounds
  • Sites associated with slavery
  • Living heritage

This means that the WRRA is informed (and asked to comment on) any application to modify or develop sites that fall into the above-mentioned categories.

We are also asked to comment on policies, such as the Implementation of Heritage Management at Local Authority Level.

-By Kristina Davidson


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