MyCiTi: City ordered to investigate alternative routes

Newspaper posters proclaiming South Road Families victory

The City of Cape Town has been ordered by the Cape High Court to investigate alternative routes than the South Road/Brodie Road couplet before proceeding with its controversial Phase 2A MyCiTi bus project.

Map with City and residens's proposals for maps

The blue line represents the MyCiTi route the City wants – through South Road into the Brodie Road couplet. The purple lines represent the community’s suggestions for alternatives, which include Rosmead, Broad and Wetton Road. The City previously rejected these alternatives but has now been ordered to properly investigate them.

It has also been told to conduct a meaningful public participation process before evicting the 26 South Road families from homes they have been occupying for decades.

Judge Leslie Weinkove found  that the City had not followed the proper procedures nor conducted meaningful public participation with the community in the appropriate manner.

There were tears of joy in the courtroom  yesterday when  Weinkove granted most terms of the applications by the South Road Families Association (SRFA) against the City of Cape Town, including:

  • that the City engage the SRFA in meaningful public participation;
  • that the City is interdicted from enforcing termination of lease agreement notices given to 26 families; and
  • that the City is interdicted from demolishing the properties occupied by the families.

The only term of the application not granted was where Weinkove found insufficient evidence to rule the demolitions illegal.

The City has been orderd to pay the SRFA’s legal costs.

Read the full story.


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