A crèche for Durban Road

Map of where creche will be

A crèche accommodating 16 children is expected to open at 17 Durban Road.

The Protea Subcouncil has approved an application by Olden and Associates, which stated that the crèche would be of a small scale and would operate between 8:00 and 13:00.

The approval is subject to conditions being met, such as that indigenous trees will be planted on the property.

There were eight objections to the application and one conditional yes from the Old Wynberg Village Society.

See the full plan of the school

Read the full article in People’s Post.



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  1. What did the objectors list as factors for consideration? Were their objections factored into the approval granted? This was surely a rezoning application – from residential to business/place of education? What were the provisos listed by the OWVS and were these imposed? The People’s Post article did little to inform us as to anything other than the routine approval granted by Subcouncil 20. Durban Road is routinely congested and is essentially reduced to a single-lane track as it approaches Wellington Avenue, due to limited off-street parking. Perhaps this will be resolved once the MyCiti route is imposed and Wynberg employees will no longer have to drive themselves to their offices in the city limits – they’ll be able to take the bus to all those chi-chi, high-rise white-collar corporate blocks in Gugs: gentrification everywhere you look these days!

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