Wynberg crime hot spots 20 July-16 August

Below is a summary of crime incidents in Wynberg West between 20 July and 16 August. You can scroll down to see the various maps and summaries or click on the topics below to jump to each summary and map. Note: The numbers on the map don’t necessarily correspond to the exact location in the street where the crime occurred.

Vehicle thefts

Thefts out of a vehicle


Aggravated robberies with firearm

Aggravated robberies with other weapons

Business burglaries

Residential burglaries

Common robberies

Police successes

Vehicle theft: attempted and actual

Map of where car thefts occurred

  1. Main Road Tuesday evening 21 July (Ford Laser)
  2. Aliwal Road Weekend 24-26 July (Jonway motorbike)
  3. Church Street Wednesday morning 29 July (Toyota Conquest)
  4. Millbank Road Wednesday morning 29 July (Isuzu bakkie)
  5. Piers Road Wednesday morning 5 August (Isuzu bakkie and Nissan bakkie)
  6. Cogill Road Saturday afternoon 8 August (Toyota Corolla)

Theft out of a vehicle: attempted and actual

Map thefts from cars

  1. Bower Road Sunday night 19 July
  2. Flemming Road Wednesday afternoon 22 July
  3. Silverlea Road Thursday night 23 July
  4. Church Street Saturday evening 25 July
  5. Egglestone Road Monday morning 27 July
  6. Malton Road Monday morning 27 July
  7. Aliwal Road Monday night 27 July, Sunday afternoon 2 August
  8. Brodie Road Friday afternoon 31 July, Tuesday 11 August
  9. Egham Road Thursday night 30 July
  10. Wellington Road Sunday night 2 August
  11. Maynard Road Saturday afternoon 8 Augus
  12. Main Road Friday evening 7 August, Tuesday afternoon 11 August
  13. Durban Road Tuesday afternoon 11 August; Thursday evening 13 August, early Friday morning 13 August
  14. Wolfe Street Friday afternoon 14 August, Friday night 14 August
  15. Electric Road Friday night 14 August
  16. Cavan Close Wednesday evening 29 July


Map of carjackings

  1. Maynard Road Monday evening 20 July (Toyota Avanza robbed from taxi driver by 2 men posing as passengers)
  2. Lester Road Friday evening 24 July (Nissan bakkie robbed while owner was sitting inside the vehicle outside Idols Pub)

Aggravated robbery (firearm used)

Map aggravated robberies

  1. Station Road Thursday evening 30 July – victim was sitting in her vehicle when she was robbed by 4 men and 1 woman of jewellery and cash

Aggravated robbery (weapon other than firearm)

Map of aggravated robberies with weapon other than firemarm

  1. Piers Road Friday afternoon 24 July – victim robbed of cellphone by 4 men; Monday morning 27 July – victim robbed of cellphone by 3 men
  2. Egham Road Sunday night 26 July – victim robbed by man of cell phone
  3. Station Road Friday afternoon 31 July – victim robbed of cellphone by 1 man

Business burglary: attempted and actual

Map of business burglaries

  1. Wynberg Grils Junior, Aliwal Road weekend 17-20 July
  2. Maynard Road weekend 24-27 July
  3. Carhill Road weekend 31 Jul-3 Aug

Residential burglary: attempted and actual

Map of house burglaries

  1. Bower Road Wednesday 22 July
  2. Orient Road Wednesday night 22 July, Saturday morning 25 July
  3. Wellington Avenue Saturday 25 July
  4. Wellington Road Tuesday morning or afternoon 28 July
  5. Riverstone Road Wednesday evening 29 July
  6. Berwick Road Wednesday afternoon or evening 29 July
  7. Station Road Friday night 31 July
  8. Silverlea Road Four times in the course of Tuesday 4 August
  9. Cogill Road Sunday afternoon 9 August
  10. St Johns Road Monday afternoon 3 August

Common robbery

Map of common robberies

  1. Rockley Road Monday morning 20 July – victim robbed of cellphone by a man
  2. Church Street Sunday night 19 July – victim robbed of cellphone by 3 men
  3. Piers Road Wednesday afternoon 5 August, victim robbed by 4 men of his cell phone
  4. Lester Road Saturday night 8 August, victim robbed of his proper

Wynberg SAPS successes in this period

These are for Wynberg West (Wynberg SAPS Sectors 1 and 5)

  • 17 people arrested for possession of drugs
  • 5 people arrested for drunken driving
  • 1 illegal immigrant arrested
  • 3 people arrested for possession of stolen property
  •  3 person arrested for being in possession of house- or car-breaking implements






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