Open Streets in Wynberg: let’s have some fun!

Open streets collage

Imagine closing down some of Wynberg’s streets to traffic for a day and using them for good, clean family fun . . .

Instead of dodging cars, you could walk, cycle, skate or manoeuvre your wheelchair along our quaint narrow streets and tree-lined lanes.

You could attend a yoga class or learn to do the salsa in the middle of Mortimer Road. You could let your offspring get creative in a kiddies’ craft workshop on Silverlea hill. You could even climb onto a real soap box on a Cogill Road street corner and loudly proclaim your views on the proposed MyCiTi route!

If you’re an aspiring (or professional, we have our share of those in Wynberg) musician, grab a guitar and get into some serious busking in Malton, or put an instant choir together to delight residents rambling along Fleming road. And if you’re a writer (we have lots of those here too), do a reading of your work in the Orient Road church parking lot.

How about setting up a giant draughts or chess board in the middle of Wellington Avenue and challenging your neighbours to a game? Or packing out some chimes on a Bay View sidewalk and letting the little ones express their musical fantasies to their hearts’ delight?

Scrabble at Langa Open Streets earlier this year

Scrabble at Langa Open Streets earlier this year

Things too prim and proper for your taste? Then bring along foot-tapping music and have a spontaneous dance party up and down Piers Road.

Street dancing in Houston

Street dancing in Houston

Or you could simply stroll along Wynberg’s streets without fear of traffic and enjoy a whole new perspective on our suburb . . .

Sounds like fun? All of this is happening across the planet, from London to Pittsburgh, from Bogotá to Hamilton, from Cape Town city centre to Langa.

It’s called Open Streets, and you’ll be introduced to the concept at the WRRA AGM on 25 August.


For the past two years or so, Cape Town has had its own Open Streets movement, funded partly by the City and founded by a group of volunteers who are committed to a more equitable, integrated, safer and more vibrant city. They design campaigns that raise citizen awareness, rethink the meaning of our roads and engage everyone in redesigning and reworking their streets.

Their flagship activity is Open Streets days, with the next big event the annual Park(ing) Day in Cape Town city centre on 18 September, where artists, designers and other citizens will transform metered parking spots into temporary public parks.

Parking day in Kalk bay

Park(ing) Day in Kalk Bay, 2014

Open Streets days are not festivals in the true sense of the word, nor are they markets. However, you are allowed to set up shop if you already have the required licences.

Let’s reclaim Wynberg streets as public spaces that belong to us!

Attend the WRRA AGM on 25 August and learn more about the Open Streets concept.

More info:

Watch a video of a London Open Streets event:


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