MyCiTi: Two days before the comment deadline!

Myciti bus

Have you commented about the proposed “second Main Road” through residential Wynberg yet?

The deadline for comments is Thursday 30 July.

Transport for Cape Town (TCT) has asked that residents don’t comment with a simple yes or no, but provide reasons.

In order to make commenting easier and quicker, we prepared a draft comment which you can copy and paste and email to TCT.

If you need more information to comment sensibly and fairly, we have also summarised most of the available documents and information for you – a few final documents remain which will be available soon.

Remember, the WRRA is against the road not because we are against a MyCiTi route for Wynberg per se, but because we are concerned that this particular route will destroy the village fabric of our suburb for ever.

However, you may also be in favour of the road. In that case the documents below will also help you to formulate reasons. Here are the links you can use in order to comment:

How to comment – including prepared comments

What to expect from the proposed road and route

The WRRA‘s main objections TCT’s replies to questions from Wynberg residents

Background surveys and documents


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