MyCiTi route: what happens after public participation?

what happens at public participation open days?

Transport for Cape Town (TCT) officials involved in the technical planning of the MyCiTi routes, stops and stations and teams involved with the infrastructure will be present to answer questions and clarify confusion, said Brett Herron, City Mayco member for transport.

A map indicating the trunk routes and the proposed stops and stations will be available as well.

Residents of Wynberg can attend the sessions in Constantia and Wynberg.

what happens after public participation?

1 Public comments and proposals must be put in writing before 13 July 2015. UPDATE: TCT has extended this deadline for Wynberg residents as they have not been able to reply to all our queries for more information yet. We will announce the new deadline on Facebook and here once we receive it.

2 These comments and proposals will be incorporated in a report which is to be presented to the TCT Portfolio Committee.

3 Later this year, the following will be presented to Cape Town City Council:

  • The refined concept plan for Phase 2A of the MyCiTi route (which includes the route through Wynberg and Plumstead),
  • The outcome of the public participation process, and
  • Herron and TCT’s response to the input from residents, role players and interested parties.

4 The City Council will them make a final decision about the route.

Read more here.


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