MyCiTi route: dramatic announcement

Myciti bus

In a surprising about-turn, the City of Cape Town today withdrew its controversial South Road eviction notices. Brett Herron, City Mayco member for transport, announced in a statement that:

  • The City  has withdrawn notices terminating the lease agreements with the 26 tenants who reside in City-owned properties along South Road in Wynberg.
  • No action will be taken against tenants until the public participation process around the proposed MyCiTi bus route in the Southern Suburbs has been concluded.
  • The City  is opting out of the imminent court case, saying they want to try and find an out-of-court amicable solution first.
  • The South Road Families’ Association (SRFA) is urged to put forward an alternative route at public participation meetings.
  • A second public  participation date for Wynberg has been added, as the original date falls on a long weekend.
Brett Herron head and shoulders

Brett Herron

Urgent court application
Herron’s statement follows an urgent court application by the SRFA in April to interdict the city from evicting residents and demolishing properties in the area. The court then ordered evictions and work on the road to stop until the matter has been heard in court.

Until now, the City has been determined to evict its tenants so that a new four-lane road can be erected in the area to eventually serve as a MyCiTi bus route.

“The City does not want to litigate against the residents of Cape Town,” Herron said.  “We only want to proceed [with litigation] once we are convinced that all possible avenues for finding an amicable solution have been exhausted.”

Alternative route and public participation
Interestingly, Herron also mentioned the possibility of an alternative route for MyCiTi buses. “We urge the SRFA to … provide their input in writing on the possibility of implementing the proposed MyCiTi trunk route in the Wynberg area without making use of the South Road road scheme.

The deadline for written comments has been extended to 13 July.

New venue and date added
After requests about the date and venue of the public participation process in Wynberg and Plumstead, another date and venue has been added to the calendar: 17 June. The details of the Open Days for residents in Wynberg and Plumstead are now as follows:
• 15 June 2015– 16:00 until 20:00, Alphen Centre, Constantia
• 17 June 2015 – 16:00 until 20:00, Church on Main Road, Wynberg

Read Herron’s full statement.

Share your views

What is your view of the statement above? On Facebook some residents were encouraged that the City seems to have decided to play by the rules from now on, others were concerned that it’s all just window-dressing.  What do you think? You can tell us below or on our Facebook group.




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