How Wynberg residents would improve our suburb

Real Wynberg canal and beautiful canal

Pie in the sky? Turning the smelly, crime-inducing canal into a beautiful waterfront.

Clean up the Main Road, get rid of drug dealers, separate Wynberg into its own ward . . .

These are all suggestions put forward by Wynberg residents when we asked the question earlier this year: “If you were mayor, how would you improve Wynberg?”

Here is a selection of the replies we received on our Facebook page and website:

Liezl Wolfaardt “I would clean up the Main Road, do something about prostitutes, . . .. stop the taxis from driving around the narrow streets putting everyone in danger . . . and I would definitely get the police to clamp down more on all the drug dealers dealing from all the parks and check the stuff being sold by the hawkers on the Main Road who are selling much more than fake sunglasses!”

Main Road Wynberg

Seraj Dicks  The problem with the Main Road has spilled over into residential areas . . . Clean up the main road and you would have solved 50-80% of Wynberg’s problems.

Kenny Webb  I would not evict people from their homes. I would not tolerate a racist form of government. I will not allow or give preferential treatment to the rich. I will be pro-poor. I will protect the dignity of the poor. I will find a better alternative lifestyle for the homeless . . . I will govern Cape Town in a God-guided manner. “For whatever you you do to the least of my brothers & sisters, you are doing to me”. I will stick to the Good Book.

Gamansure Amansure Clean up the Main Road first!

Julie Nell Laubscher Get rid of the drug dealers.

Henk Egberink  like the waterfront idea; it could be made into an extension of Maynardville Park and Chelsea Village. Keep the idea alive and promote implementation.

Graham Weir I would divide Wynberg into a separate ward, not connected to Constantia, Newlands etc. The ward as it stands is too big . . . The WRRA suggestions for additional stop streets etc were ignored. I feel our interests are not of much concern when weighed against the richer suburbs.

Simone Williams I agree [with Graham]. The new robots on Constantia Main Road are out today, and traffic flowed as normal. And on an obscure country road in Constantia there are lots of speed bumps and no cars in sight – yet Cogill drastically needs them as this is the second main road with traffic jams every morning: taxis, private cars, trucks and heavy loads and even buses using this road.



  1. you never see traffic cops when taxis is even loading on the robot and you must drive they just dont care cops are more worried if u sit in you car in a loading zone then they want to chase you away they driving like pigs

  2. Firstly cameras should be installed on Main Rd as well as around the station areas.
    Regular police searches should be conducted on all traders.
    Property appreciation and prices in Lower Wynberg would only be able to catch up with Kenilworth and Plumstead areas if the unsightly bus and taxi terminus were relocated elsewhere.
    Wynberg is a mess and in serious need of an overhaul.
    Residential property prices would spike If these issues were implemented as Wynberg is centrally located.

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