New website: making sense of your water bill and other useful info

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Not understanding where all your household water fees are flowing to, or how the City has calculated your water bill?

That’s just one of the problems the City of Cape Town hopes to solve on its improved and newly launched water website.

The website is packed with useful info that may assist residents, learners, students, educators and visitors.

For instance, it provides tips on what to consider when selling your house or what to do if you’ve just bought. Interactive diagrams, video clips, posters and brochures present information in a user-friendly way.

Other info on the site includes:

  • how to report faults
  • how to log account enquiries
  • how to prevent sewer blockages
  • how to apply for a plumber’s licence with the City
  • tips on saving water
  • latest dam levels and historic levels, dating back to 2011
  • educational material on the Cape Town water and sanitation system
  • details of important projects that the department is working on
  • ongoing commitments to enhancing services to residents in informal settlements
  • consumer information for residents and businesses
  • by-laws and tariffs policy
  • vacancies

Read the full article here.



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