Prize-winning writer at Wynberg Library

Beverly Rycroft, author of A Slim, Green Silence, will be giving a talk about writing, writers and the works that have inspired her.

Beverly is a prize-winning poet and A Slim Green House (Umuzi), published last month, is her long awaited debut novel.

Cover: A slim green silence

Her presentation is called “Switching to silence: eight years to write a novel” and will be at the Wynberg Library at 6 PM on Tuesday, 21 April.

Beverly will speak about her favourite authors, finding the right creative space to work in and why writing her debut took eight years.

More info: 021-797-9178

SOURCE: Books Live

More about A Slim Green Silence
Constance West is dead. She is floating above her hometown of Scheepersdorp, unsure how long it has been since she died, since the cancer took her. Beneath her are all the people she ever loved: her younger sister Sylvia, her domestic worker Princess, her good friend Alwyn, Bart, her neighbour, Harry, her guardian, her former lover Ivor, and her child, Marianne. Connie doesn’t know why she is back in Scheepersdorp in this spirit form. ‘All I can tell you,’ says the Boatman, who transports her there, ‘is you will know this thing when you see it. And you must be finished by half past six.’

A Slim, Green Silence is a journey through Connie’s past as she tries to understand why she is back home, and for what purpose. Not just a story about death, this is a tale about living and loving, about friendship and motherhood, loss and hope. Most of all, it is about ordinary people, and their attempts to make sense of a sometimes nonsensical world.

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