If you were mayor, how would you improve Wynberg?

You guys probably all realised that our story about the Wynberg Waterfront yesterday had more to do with the date of the article than with its factual correctness.

But you have to agree that a Wynberg Waterfront is a lovely idea … we already have the water, so all we would need is the front. We can dream, can’t we?

Picture of our dilapidated canal and glamorous waterfront canal

Which brings us to the question: What are your dreams for Wynberg? If you were mayor, how would you change our suburb? What developments  would you commission? What projects would you undertake? What improvements would you suggest? Let’s think outside the box and see what we can come up with as a community.

Please leave a reply in the space provided below, OR enter your comments here OR send an email to Wynberg Residents and Ratepayers Association. You can also share your thoughts on the WRRA Facebook page or send us a message on Twitter (@WynbergResident).



  1. I would divide Wynberg into a separate ward, not connected to Constantia, Newlands etc. The ward as it stands is too big. We could then hopefully have a councillor who looked after the interests of the suburb when ward allocations are made. The WRRA suggestions for additional stop streets etc were ignored.I feel our interests are not of much concern when weighed against the richer suburbs.

  2. Totally agree – the new robots on Constantia Main Road, are out today………and traffic flowed as normal. And on an obscure country road in Constantia there are lots of traffic humps and no cars in sight……….yet Cogill drastically needs them as this is the SECOND main road…….with traffic jams every morning, taxis, private cars, trucks and heavy loads and even buses using this road.

  3. 1. CCTV cameras should be installed along Main Rd as well as around the front and back of the taxi and train station areas with a special police control room monitoring activities.
    2. Searches should be conducted on traders whenever possible.
    3. Plain clothes police officers should be deployed for surprise surveillance on any drug dealings or suspicious behaviour around Main Rd and the station areas.
    4. Vagrants should be relocated.
    5. Lower Wynberg property appreciation has been lagging and stagnating for years due to the taxi and bus terminus as well as residents not taking pride in there residents and streets.

    Cameras should have been installed years ago in the Wynberg area.

    Wynberg is lagging behind in property values and appreciation of surrounding areas due to the above reasons.

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