Wynberg Waterfront on the cards?

artists impression of proposed canal

An artist’s impression of the proposed Wynberg Waterfront.

If you’ve been concerned about the proposed MyCiTi bus route, we may just have some good news for you.

After receiving severe criticism from the National Council of Provinces regarding the proposed Brodie Road couplet through Wynberg, the City Council’s Mayoral Committee called a special meeting yesterday to discuss its plans for the road.

“We know that many Wynberg residents remain upset because of the proposed road and that they feel we are ignoring and bullying them,” Mayco transport member Brett Herron acknowledged.

“So we decided to take the ‘together’ part of our slogan ‘Making progress possible. Together’ seriously and start listening to voters in Wynberg. And we are happy to announce that the plan for the Wynberg couplet has been shelved!”

What’s more, the Council is aware of the fact that the Wynberg canal poses a serious crime risk as people up to no good use it to slip into neighbouring properties.

“We have therefore decided to upgrade the canal and develop it in much the same way the canal area in Century City has been developed,” Ward 62 councillor Elizabeth Brunette announced.

“The idea is to develop a Wynberg Waterfront around the canal which will include a beautiful pedestrian area and quaint local shops and eateries,” Brunette said.

“We put together a quick artists’ impression of the proposed waterfront yesterday (see above), but we promise to take no further steps until such time as we have discussed the plan in detail with the community and get the thumbs’ up from everyone in Wynberg.”

– By Joan van Zyl



  1. Didn’t fall for this April’s fool joke, why would Cllr Brunette and Brett Heron suddenly be taking the Wynberg community into consideration? If you had said that they were pushing ahead regardless of public opinion I could have been caught but as Joan Van Zyl said in her reply “We can dream” so thanks to annnonebaker for pointing out how things should be done!

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