How safe is the Wynberg Canal?

It has long been know that the canal that runs through Wynberg West is being used by criminals as an access point to commit opportunistic crime, house-breakings, petty theft etc. The homes that run alongside the canal seem to be receiving the brunt of these crimes, so some members of the Wynberg Neighbourhood Watch decided to inspect the canal by taking a walk down it.

Their aim was to see where the easy access points are and how these points could be secured, and to see any signs of people living and operating in these tunnels. There definitely needs to be better security, such as barbed wire, strong fences, electric fencing and security cameras.

The group started at Vriedenhof Rd and headed south until past Malton Rd. At that point they reached a tunnel which seemed to have no end in sight, and didn’t have enough lighting to navigate this.

  • For more information on the Wynberg Sector 1 Neighbourhood Watch (a separate entity to the WRRA) please contact with your name, and your street name.
  • Join the WRRA to help fight crime and grime in Wynberg. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.



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