Public meeting on 27 January: proposed MyCiTi route

Myciti bus

The City of Cape Town has started demolishing houses along the proposed MyCiti South-East Corridor without consultation with the communities or transport industry. Is this the only option?

Join us to find out about the options/alternatives for the MyCiti BRT route in Wynberg, Plumstead.

Date Tuesday 27 January 2015
Time 6.30 pm for 7 pm
Venue Church-on-Main, 3 Millbank Road, Wynberg (behind the library)

We believe that our alternatives are more cost-effective and meet the requirements of an integrated public transport network, as they

  • use existing road space
  • integrate with existing public transport modes, and
  • do not require people to lose their homes.
Map of alternative BRT roads

Blue: city’s plan. Red and purple: Our alternative

Come and join in the discussion for better alternatives, and be sure to invite your colleagues and neighbours to the meeting!



  1. I sold my car last year and walk from Woodgate Road to work in Wodehouse Road, Constantia. It really is too much for me. I for one could really do with the transport system. The taxis are very dangerous and twice a week catch a bus out Blouberg way which is where my boyfriend lives. The Myciti bus service out in Blouberg is absolutely fantastic. I catch a Golden Arrow bus from The Three Arts and then a Myciti bus from Cape Town. The Golden Arrow Retreat to Cape Town bus is absolutely excellent but unfortunately no bus goes from Three Arts near to where I am in Plumstead. Financially a car these days is much too expensive too maintain and so the bus system would also benefit so many people like myself who are not earning a high salary.
    I would be extremely interested to know of any changes alternatives or suggestions? Hope it will happen, winter is coming soon and so many bike and motorbike accidents and have not learnt to ride a bike and not about to start in my 40’s. Would mean less cars on the road.

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