Wynberg couplet: City ‘unveils’ its plan

Construction of the new MyCiti bus route is expected to start mid-2015:


And here we thought the route was still subject to public discussion (and, in the case of the part cutting through Wynberg, “overwhelming public approval”, as the Protea Subcouncil minutes put it so clearly at the time) but hey, let’s go and hear what Brett Herron, City Mayco member for transport, has to say about this tonight.

DATE: 19 November 2014

TIME: 18:00 for 18:30 (6 pm for 6:30 pm)

VENUE: Alphen Hall, Constantia Main Road, Constantia



  1. It was crystal clear in tonight’s meeting that the City, represented by Brett Heron are not interested in a meaningful engagement process that could realise alternatives to what has been proposed. It is a choice to be conciliatory and forge working relationships that could benefit all the affected parties and still deliver a world class result. And it starts by listening to what folks have to say….one has to wonder why the meeting was cut short when there were so many questions from the floor still to be heard?

    • Hi Karen do you have any up to date info about the road? Kristina said that Herron and co., met with the WIDS and only invited OWVS not the people who really matter WRRA! I was hoping that Dugmore might be able to get some sense out of the ANC transport manager but have no way of contacting him for update info.
      Thanks for all your good work, regards Simone

  2. I refer to the Southern Mail article on the 14 January 2014. Houses Demolished. ‘We will not be moved, quite literally’. Mr Herron said all proposals were considered for a new route but were not viable for the BRT Bus system. We do not have a road large enough that would give us access to Wynberg CBD. Utter bull! Mr Herron can use Rosmead Ave a four lane road which is large enough and Broad Road that links to Wynberg Station. When Mr Harron was confronted with this request he made many excuses I quote preposterous! ludicrous! He couldn’t be bothered to considered a alternative route. I got the impression his lazy and this would be to much work for the Woodstock boy. He rather prefers to use the old road scheme reserve to save himself the trouble. There’s many problems with this new route via khayelitsha, Wynberg, Constantia and South Road. According to SAPS reports khayelitsha has one of the highest crime rates in South Africa and Mr Herron wants to build a road that links directly via Wynberg CBD and Millionaire Constantia. Mr Herron if you want this new road you get everything that goes with it. He can candy coat it all he wants but CRIME is CRIME!!! Turning the Wynberg main road into a one way south direction is a disaster waiting to happen. Shops will lose business or will close down, shop robberies will be on the increase and police won’t be able to apprehend the criminals and access main road faster enough. The taxi business in Wynberg will suffer immensely if he changes their established route they will lose millions in profits. MyCiti can only hire a hand full of taxi drivers and then what happens to the rest of them, unemployment? This was addressed but he couldn’t be bothered! This project is so condensed in the Wynberg CBD Private Property will lose their market value including High crime, Property damages and Accidents from speeding cars on this new high way. As scheduled by Mr Herron Council houses on this route will be demolished by 31 Jan 2014. When the people living in these homes pleaded with Mr Herron not to destroy their only homes as the have no where else to go. I refer to the pensioner, women and the children living in these homes. Once again Mr Herron couldn’t be bother! This man is a monster!

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