Relief road: This is where it will run

Videographer and Wynberg resident Julian Emdon has followed the proposed Brodie Road couplet (also called the Main Road relief road) through the streets of Wynberg to show exactly where it will run. There is also a detailed map of the proposed road on the video.

Please click on the arrow to watch the video.




  1. Hello there, In today’s Argus, it is reported that the relief road will, “…fall within the original scheme that was approved by the Protea Subcouncil in 2002.” Is this accurate? Did the Protea Subcouncil approve the original scheme in 2002? Regards, Darron

    On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 2:15 PM, Wynberg Residents and Ratepayers Associati

    • No, the scheme was not approved but was noted as the long-term conceptual plan for Main Road. As stated in the minutes of the November 2002 minutes, the Sub-Council:
      1. That the Brodie/Main Road Couplet proposal be noted as the
      long- term conceptual plan for Main Road in Wynberg.
      (3) That steps be initiated to have the following road schemes
      (3.1) that the original bypass scheme 656 is no longer required and should be deproclaimed.
      (3.2) that the approved bypass scheme for PMR 5 be amended to allow for the deproclamation of the scheme south of Wellington Road.
      (3.3) that the Main Road Widening Scheme no 643 between Tenby Road and Wetton Road be deproclaimed.
      (4) That the couplet scheme be developed in phases as, if and when required and that the concept as shown on Figures 2a and 2b be accepted as the basis forthe long term road network development of Wynberg.
      (4.1) That provided that no phase will be commenced before an extensive meaningful public participation process has taken place and overwhelming support of the public is obtained.
      (4.2) That proclamation of this couplet scheme shall not be applied
      for, and that it remain a concept only.
      (4.3) That the implementation of any phase will not be considered
      prior to the implementation of the Traffic Management Plan for
      at least 3 years, and the completion of the South Road
      (4.4) That the City of Cape Town and the PAWC explore the
      possibility of ring-fencing for transport improvements in the City
      of Cape Town all funds received from the sale of land originally
      purchased for the Bypass, with an emphasis on transport
      improvements in the Wynberg area.

      What is important to note is that the 2002 resolution is made in relation to a road scheme, destined to improve mobility, not to a BRT system, which is aimed at improving accessibility of passengers, as part of an integrated public transport network.

  2. Also: if memory serves one of the documents on this site refers to the fact that transport authorities do not have enough budget for the relief road and have therefore come up with the idea of making it a BRT route so as to have access to some of the BRT budget.

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