Public meeting about the proposed relief road for Wynberg

The meeting will take place on Wednesday 15 October at 7.00 pm

Venue: Church on Main, 3 Millbank Road, Wynberg (behind the library)

Why this meeting
For the past six months, we have been asking the City of Cape Town for more information about whether they are really going to build a road through the middle of residential Wynberg. We have repeatedly been told that we must wait until the conceptual designs have been done for any public participation process  and that nothing had been finalised.

Yet the City’s actions do not match its words. The City appears to be proceeding with the proposed relief road, under the guise that it’s necessary for the BRT/MyCiti bus, as:

  • In August, the Protea Subcouncil would have voted to demolish a house in Wellington Road (to make way for the relief road) but could not because the heritage permit had not been obtained.
  • The WRRA has been told that our requests for traffic-calming measures will only be “considered after construction of the MyCiti bus route along the Main Rd/Brodie Rd Couplet”.

Purpose of the meeting
The aim of the meeting is to show the proposed “preferred option” for the relief road known as the Brodie Road couplet, as the WRRA believes that property owners, residents and businesses need to be informed and to have their say.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 15 October at 7 pm.



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