Interview about South Africa’s nuclear programme Monday 6 October

The WRRA received the following message from the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance about an interview this evening on Voice of the Cape. If you are interested, tune in at 19h15.


That’s a lot of zeros!

According to some media reports the nuclear programme will cost South Africa between R300 billion and R1 trillion and is expected to be at full output 20 years after construction starts.

Just something to ponder on. If you were alive 2014 years ago and you spent R1 million every single day since that point, you still would not have spent R 1 trillion by now!

Besides this massive projected cost, do we need it? What alternatives are there?

Participating in this scheduled interview will be Mike Kantey of the Coalition Against Nuclear Energy (CANE) and Zizamele Mbambo, Deputy Director General in the Department of Energy.

“Not just Cabinet alone, but all sectors together should decide on energy policy in South Africa” says CANE.
CANE has been formed as an umbrella group comprising community organisations, residents’ associations, NGOs, academics, professionals, unionists, environmentalists and ordinary citizens now grappling with the spectre of nuclear developments in their backyards. They represent a groundswell of ordinary people who want government to act democratically in seeking alternative energy crisis and climate change solutions.

The Voice of the Cape – 91.3 FM Radio
The interview will be audible live on VOCfm website during the interview, via audio streaming @
The interview will be downloadable from VOCfm website two days after the interview @


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