The art of logging issues with City Council

City council website

  1. Log a service request or complaint (electricity, potholders, sewerage, roads & storm water issues, river / canal floodings, illegal dumping, refuse, vagrants etc)
    • , click on E-services icon, choose ‘service requests’ and fill in the form
    • No registration or login required


  1. Access rates related information and / or to capture meter information
    • , click on E-services icon, choose ‘rates and services’, login or register
    • First time user will need to register
    • Existing user logon with username and password


  1. What is available on e-Services
    • Rates, services and related invoices and accounts
    • Your water, sewerage and electricity consumption in chart form
    • Future meter reading dates
    • A history of your paid invoices as well as any invoices in the payment process
    • A history of your payments and the allocation of your payments to the various invoices
    • Credits due to you
    • Unpaid invoices
    • There is also a facility to initiate payments and enter your meter reading. use E-Services (residents can register and see their rates bills online,  make payments, see next invoices etc)
      – By Karen Gird



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