Police imbizo, 27 August 2014

The Police imbizo was attended by about 40 people from both Wynberg West and Wynberg East and Police Officers from Wynberg SAPS.

Police imbizo Wynberg 27 Aug

Levels of crime in Wynberg

  •  No murders in the last year
  • 10 houses were burgled

Neighbourhood Watch

Col. Rufie Nel of Wynberg Police said that Neighbourhood Watch groups in an area resulted in criminal elements leaving that area and going somewhere else. He emphasised that volunteers must always consider their own safety and not confront criminals but call SAPS.

Sign up for Wynberg Neighbourhood Watch.

Progress of cases

Should you need to find out about the progress of a case you’ve opened, email WynbergCID@SAPS.govt.za or call 021-799-1394.

Crow Bar Gang

Resident Evelyn Holtzhausen asked for an update on arrests pertaining to the so-called Crow Bar Gang as his house had been hit twice. Col Nel replied that there had indeed been recent successes but that there were now a number of groups across the city using copycat methods.

Finger prints

In response to a question about finger prints the police noted that rain does not wash away finger prints but that wiping the scene with a wet cloth does erase prints.

Wynberg East

A resident of Wynberg East asked why the WRRA catered only for those in Wynberg West. Darron Araujo replied that the division (an old apartheid one determined by the railway track) was further entrenched by the ward divisions and that Ward 62 (WRRA area) ended at the railway line. He suggested that the two communities had much in common and that Ward 62 had much to learn from Wynberg East.

Taxis in Fleming Road

Ward Councillor for Ward 62 Liz Brunette answered a resident complaining of the taxis in Fleming Road that many roads in Wynberg have become rat runs and that there is no money for speed bumps. Taxis are ignoring the signs that had been put up prohibiting them from entering certain streets. When asked what happened to taxis stopped in the area by traffic officials she said they were often impounded if they were off the licenced route.

Roving police van

Graham Weir stated that the roving police van (0823787747) was extremely effective and helpful and thanked the Wynberg Police for doing a good job. Erin Dietz asked for a show of hands from the floor for people who had received good service in this regard and a large percentage of those present indicated that they had received good service from the van.

Two residents did however mention that more could be done. A lady who had been threatened at her gate by a man called the police who arrived, but didn’t arrest the man as they said he had committed no crime. Another resident, a newcomer to Wynberg said the police should adopt a zero tolerance approach and that threatening behaviour such as the woman had experienced is a crime and should be treated as such. He mentioned that he had been a victim of crime since arriving in Wynberg but believed the police were generally doing a good job and commended the WRRA for the Neighbourhood Watch drive.


There’s not much police can do. They acknowledge that the vagrants at vhe Trovato Link reservoir are criminals. Please don’t give to vagrants, rather give them a voucher for the shelter. Report any vagrants setting up camp: “Every squatter camp starts with one shack”. Look after your waste and wheelie bins!

Pius Okiror of The Haven spoke about giving responsibly and buying the Haven booklets which entitle the homeless to a meal, a bath a if possible a bed and asked people not to give money as this encourages people to stay on the streets.

The Haven vouchers

Police and social media

The police is not allowed to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Residents suggested that they at least monitor our social media to get an idea of crimes etc. Sgt Botman said he would join the Wynberg – Sector 1 Community Neighbourhood Watch” Facebook page.

However, they are thinking of setting up a WhatsApp for residents and police.


Colonel Nel said that people should keep on contacting the police till they get results and that a clean-up of prostitutes in a certain area was due to the persistence of a certain doctor who emailed him three times a day.

Mr Lachman mentioned that prostitutes seemed to have been moved out of the Main Road area but Karen Gird noted that the problem had increased in Oak and Devonshire Rds.


There is no DNA database yet, so please don’t pressurise the police to take DNA samples from crime scenes.

By Graham Weir and Julian Emdon
Pics: Julian Emdon








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