Help count our mascot the rain frog

Cape rain frog

The WRRA is working with the City’s environmental resources management (ERM) to determine the range of the Cape rain frog in our suburb.

This special creature, also known as the giant rain frog,  is the WRRA mascot and appears on its logo.  It is endemic to South Africa and near endemic to Cape Town, and lives in fynbos, pastureland, rural gardens and urban areas. The rain frog is currently threatened by urban development.

The WRRA would like to know more about exactly where the Cape rain frog occurs in Wynberg. The information will be submitted to the City’s ERM and be incorporated in their database. Our survey will run till the end of October.

If you don’t know what the rain frog sounds  like, please click on the picture below to listen to a sound clip. Then please look and listen out  for the rain frog and reply to the questions below. You can complete the survey more than once between now and October should you wish to add new information.

Sound clip Graham Weir
Picture Ray Young



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