Neighbourhood Watch update

Meerkat on the watch

The WRRA Sub Committee on Crime is currently in contact with the Cape Town city Council, which has offered to help with training and further assistance once the Wynberg Neighbourhood Watch has been registered.

The WRRA is in the process of applying for registration, so watch this space!

The setting up of the neighbourhood watch and street committees is also a point on the agenda for the forthcoming Wynberg Sector 1 imbizo – be sure to attend!

Many volunteers have already signed up for the neighbourhood watch and/or street committees – thank you so much! There’s still room for many more . . .

Remember, if you don’t feel up to patrolling, you can always join a street committee. That’s where residents on a particular street share names, mobile numbers, car registrations and other important information, then stay in contact at all times so that a neighbour can be called in case of a crisis, whether it be a heart attack, fire or crime.

Patrolling involves that you volunteer to patrol the immediate vicinity of your home for at least 1 hour per week. You can patrol on your own or with another volunteer – or you could multitask and take the dog for a walk!

If you would like to sign up, please complete the form below.


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