Crime hot spots 17 July-17 August

Crime hot spots Wynberg Jul Aug 2014

1. Baby dumped at taxi rank

Last week, a prematurely born dead baby was found in a rubbish bin between the Wynberg taxi rank and the mosque. The mother has not yet been found. Read the full story.

 2. Child pornography/sex syndicate in Claremont?

Police in the Claremont cluster have warned of a possible child pornography/sex syndicate operating in the area – and have appealed to residents to be on the alert and to assist in tracking the culprits. They report that the “syndicate” seems to be targeting schoolboys aged about 15 years and more and is using Facebook pictures of scantily-dressed young females to lure the boys into the racket and then blackmailing them into having sexual intercourse with him. Schools are being alerted to these activities. Neighbourhood Watches are asked to alert residents (especially those with school-going boys) to be on the look-out.

  • Further information from Lt-Col Mayla Dyers at Mowbray Police Station – 021-680-9594.

3. Muggings and robberies

Pamela Walker was kicked to the ground on 29 July on the corner of Prospect Hill and Bayview road and her handbag and tablet were stolen. Similar events (threatening and grabbing with hands) occurred in Wellington Road, Constantia Main Road and Main Road in the past week. Cellphones and cash were stolen. These incidents occured between 06:00 in the morning and 12:00 in the afternoon.

4. Car theft spike

Following a sharp increase in vehicle theft in Wynberg, police are now conducting undercover patrols in the hope of spotting thieves. Read the full story.

5. Drug busts

In the week of 14 August several dealers were arrested and drugs to the value of about R7 000 were confiscated.

One of the arrested men was a 32-old Nigerian who was spotted wlaking on Main Road and who had 60 units of heroin and 10 bank bags of dagga in his possession. A 36-year old Nigerian carrying 17 units of tik was also arrested on Main Road. Read the full story.

Burglary reports

6.  On July 17, two people broke into 29 Mountainview Road, but disappeared after outside beams set off the alarm. They got in by lifting the gate off its railing. The intruders were driving a green car, which they pulled up to partially block the gate.

7. On the night of 18/19 July, burglars broke in at 18 Silverlea Road, stealing the pool pump. They forced open a little gate on the property’s sliding gate and though they did not get into the house itself, they rummaged about the Wendy hut in the back garden.

8. In the first days of August, people entered a property next to Silverlea Village in Silverlea Road and took the owners’ ladder to get into the adjacent Silverlea Village complex.

9. On August 5, burglars attempted for the second time to steal the gate motor at a property in Lionel Road. They succeeded in stealing the locking mechanism.

10. The car gate “goose neck” for access cards at Longwood Gardens, Riverstone Road, was stolen two weeks ago.

11. A burglary was also reported in Langley Road in the week of 28 July – 4 August.

12. Thefts out of motor vehicles occurred in Main Road, Egham Road, Bayview Road and at the Ultra Liquor Store.

13. A window was broken and 7 TV sets stolen from Price n Pride in Main Road, Wynberg.


Vigilance prevents crime

Vigilant residents in Mountain View Road tipped off the roving police van that a suspicious character was tampering with cars parked there and the suspect was taken in for questioning.







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