Are taxis driving you round the bend?

Taxi in Main Road

The WRRA transport committee would like to build up a database of complaints  about speeding taxis and taxis driving off route.

This follows a meeting the committee had with Wynberg taxi operators  to discuss their concerns and ours: they are particularly interested to work with us and have noted that many illegal operators are in fact using the Wynberg route, causing congestion and non-compliance. Another meeting with still more taxi operators has been scheduled to gather more information and to try and ensure direct dialogue between residents and taxi operators.

Should you notice taxi driver offences, please follow these steps:

1. Report it to the City’s Traffic Offences Call Centre: 021-596-1999

2. Indicate from where you are calling: suburb and road

3. Report the date, time and number plate. If possible also provide the taxi’s route number, ed.g. A13. These are usually paced in the top right of the back window screen.

4. Get a reference number.

5. Please email us your reference number.





  1. Myself being the passenger, fiance the driver and 2 pack passengers were affected by a drunk taxi driver who knocked into us yesterday.
    We went to the police station and completed a accident report but he was not arrested or anything?
    What happens now with the big damages to my car and the injured parties?

    It is a wynberg Taxi and the driver goes by Percy, his real name is Alfred.

    How do i go about getting in touch with whoever he is driving for?

    My damages needs repairing.

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